Saturday, September 22, 2007

Looking For Banjo

This morning Pat and I walked around putting posters on poles, with information about Banjo. We are hoping that this may help to find her, if Banjo has dropped into someone's backyard.

Going to leave the posters up for 2 weeks and then do the right thing and remove them, if no luck or Banjo returns home. Nothing worse that posters up and no one bothers to return and remove them at a later date.

Even dropped a leaflet into a letter box, as the people have poultry, sheep & goats in their yard. Place is too big to just look at and see what is or isn't in the yard. I did knock on the door yesterday, but the lady doesn't speak much English.

While out walking the weather was warm and this made for some lovely flowering scents tickling our noses. Not sure what this tree is called, but there were a lot of them flowering along one of the roads we walked along.

Also notice the wattle trees are starting to yellow up as well. Yellow flowers are my favourite colour.

While walking home, near our street is a huge family of magpies, some days we can count 20 in the family gathering.

This little female was walking in front of us and so I snapped off some photos of her. Pat stayed back a distance, I followed her as she had food in her mouth.

It was interesting watching her bang the food on the footpath pavers and cement driveways. Hearing the thud, thud of what she had in her beak had us curious. She even thumped it on the tree trunk to try and open/break up what she had.

No such luck as it turned out to be a couple of little lamb bone pieces, joined together with some sinew.

"Hmm maybe I can get the car to back over the food and break it up"

"No one home, I'll try banging it on the cement boarder."

"Hey stop following me! Go find your own food"

"Okay looks like I'm gonna have to hide it."

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

Fingers and toes crossed that she's found!!!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Libby, I really hope so too.

Anonymous said...

Here's hoping. So long as she hasn't found a boyfriend! Good luck with finding her.

Scarecrow said...

Good Luck finding Banjo!

I hope those magpies don't live too close to you or you'll have to watch your heads at nesting time! :)