Sunday, September 30, 2007

New Bean Area

Winter just gone we were planning on having 2 new fruit frees espaliered along the people fence. But with talk of water restriction being so harsh over the summer months, we decided to leave it until next winter.

I wanted to grow vegies that would give us food bulk wise, over the summer months. Like tomatoes, cucumbers, beans .....etc.

So instead of leaving this area unproductive, we are putting it to good use as a vegie plot.

Sunflowers are all finished and the poorly germinated green manure that never seemed to get turning in this time round. So the sunflowers were cut and the weeds removed and thrown over the people fence. Green manure was cut into pieces and left laying on top of the soil.

As I am a great fan of no-dig gardening, I am using this practice for this area.

Nice to know the fox trap still works, forgot to unset it, when I let the ducks out this morning. Also need to take a new scrap bit of meat out of the freezer and tie it inside the trap. The fox was back the other night, Pat saw it. Pat said it was a young fox from what he saw of it.

Sunflowers were tied together in 2 bunches and hung in the chook run for the animals to peck at. As you can see, I had lots of willing helpers this morning while playing out the back.

With the green manure cut up and then a good sprinkle of blood & bone, it was watered in with a watering can of rain water. I didn't turn the soil before I started to add to the area. Figured the worms can do this for me.

Then on top went the tumbler of compost. Three wheel barrows worth was spread over the area. The compost is full of worms all sizes and going from the colours of the worms, they are from my worm farms.

I like to add a hand full of worms to the composting bins and as the compost is transfered the to tumbler for the last few weeks before turned out into the garden. Worms are breeding up in the soil where the compost bins sit.

Next came the compost I had under the yellow leaky duck pond. This had sat there for most of the winter breaking down, just waiting for an area like this for it to be used in.

The compost was collected from the duck run and chook pen areas, laced with straw and manure.

As you can see the gang were more than happy to help out and at times they became more of a hindrance than a help. Few close calls with little bodies and the wheel of the wheel barrow.

Couple of wheel barrows worth already taken from the area and spread out in the new bean plot. The gang had a fine feast of worms, slaters and other composting feeding bugs and grubs.

This is what I was waiting all those months for..... beautiful rich, soft and almost fluffy compost mixed in soil. This sort of gardening can't be rushed..... needs time.

I think this is why I love gardening so much, it's not rushed.

All gone and the poultry are happy picking over what they can find and eat. This area should give them something to do for a while.

All finished and looking FAB TAB, ready for a lovely crop of butter beans (Pat's favourite) and a few more green bush beans for us both.

I was going to put a trellis at the back against the people fence and grow some Blue Lake beans. But I have visions of the chooks hanging off the people fence eating the green bean leaves. So the climbing beans will go else where in the garden.

To keep with the moon cycles the seeds will be sown on the 12th of October through to the 14th of October. This will give time for the soil to settle and as its still early in the season, I'm not in a rush.

So there you have it, what I was up to this morning along with the gang. One thing I did miss today was my good little gardening mate Nibbles my lop bunny. For some reason I really missed him following me back and forth through the gate. Maybe having Peaches, one of my new hens following me around, when in the run...made me miss Nibbles more. I hope he enjoys having the butter beans growing on top of him this summer season.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Nice work.
All our work is inside at the moment.
Much too windy here.

Lucky-1 said...

We had the wind for a few days here too. Now with the lovely weather...back outside for me:D