Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Not Well

I have a head cold and aren't they just so thrilling? evil I have no energy for much and after shopping for most of the morning, I spent this afternoon laying down.

I was out the front and thought how pretty these flowers were and such a lovely colour.

If I was to pick them and bring those beautiful flowers inside, Milly will promptly chew on themeek so I took a photo of them instead.

So if you are like me and not well, enjoy the flowers and hope you feel better soon.

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Kez said...

Get well soon!

Lucy C said...

Hey, we are sick here too.
And your flowers cheered me up.
My 7yo has been vomitting since yesterday morning and I am coughing.
It is very boring being sick.

Lucky-1 said...

It's a pain in the bum when sick:(

My body says...."give me a break Lucky" but my brain says "get up and so something".