Thursday, September 20, 2007

Pet Losses

I haven't posted for a couple of days as on Tuesday, my 13 year old ginger female cat was put to sleep. She hadn't been well for a while and Madeline is now buried out in the duck run.

Today Banjo, who didn't like the idea of living with the hens, took off after Bundy annoying her once too often. I hadn't trimmed her flight feathers for the spring/summer months, as Pat's asthma is to unstable to hold a flapping duck.... while I trim feathers.

I am hoping Banjo will find her way home, if not... find a family who will love her as a pet and not a meal.....or find her way to the wetlands and enjoy all the water.

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Ali said...

sorry to hear of the loss of your beloved cat.

and hopefully by the time you are reeading this Banjo has made her way home :)

Libbys Blog said...

Oh I am sorry to hear about your puss cat and duck. Thinking of you x

Lucy C said...

Hugs for your losses.
Losing any animal is sad but two in one week is not fun at all.
I hope Banjo comes back.

Kez said...


Lucky-1 said...

Thanks everyone.... been a tough week, can't wait for the week to finish and a new one to start.

cackles said...

So sorry to hear that news, Lucky - {big hug}.

I hope Banjo comes back home!