Saturday, September 29, 2007

Please Note

Please note and remove from you bookmarks or favourites folder my main website. After a few months of deliberating, I have decided to remove it and just post here on my blog.

Some of the reasons are that I have more traffic here than on the main web site. Also I am a blog addict and enjoy this side if getting my gardening news out there.....Also the fact I tend to post here almost on a daily basis, seems easier to just have the 1 site on gardening.

I thank you so much for visiting my main web site and hope you will enjoy continuing to visit Lucky's Duck Farm here.

Picked another bunch of radishes this morning and when this size, they are so sweet, crisp and full of flavour.

Good gardening buddy "Pepe" gave us some strawberry plants back a while. Look that the little harvest that awaits me. Must say strawberries are one of my favourite fruit.

Heard talk on the radio that strawberries are going to be very pricey this summer, due to the drought.

The wind has also dropped after battering the state for a few days.

Chooks have increased their laying of eggs..... collected 3 hen eggs yesterday along with the usual bantam and duck eggs. So hopefully their long drought of not laying eggs is over for a good many months.

I have also added a chat box to my blog, so please feel welcome to use it to ask a question or to say hello.

Until next time....hoo roo

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katef said...

long time lurker and learner from your blog but I just have to ask.. why can't I grow strawberries like yours???? We had had plants in the ground for two seasons now, they grow really well loads of leaves and last year heaps of runners but barely a berry! :(

Lucky-1 said...

Are you feeding your strawberry plants to much nitrogen food? This will make the plants grow more leaves than fruit.

Lucky-1 said...

Something else I thought of too...

Strawberry plants will put their effort into those runners rather than fruit. Don't let the runners form until the end of fruiting season.