Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Water Rant.

Last night after tea and the dishes were done, Pat & I walked a couple of dozen duck eggs around to friends of ours. After a visit with them we walked home in the dark, enjoying the balmy night air.

It’s amazing what can be seen in the dark while out walking. It’s when all the water wasters come out and use their dripper systems or pop up sprinklers on their gardens, under the cloak of darkness.

How could we tell there were dripper systems or pop up sprinklers going on people’s gardens?

Easy… 1 yard had the dripper pipe across their drive way. Thing is the pipe had a hole in it and water was gushing into the air and running down the gutter past their neighbour’s houses. It was that strong, we looked to see if a pipe had busted on the footpath area.

I knocked on their door to let them know of the water waste, but no one was home. Couldn’t find a tap to switch it off either.

In another street there was water again running down the road from water running off a person’s garden.

Pat & I walk as much as we can and its not only night we see water wasted and laws ignored. Even in the middle of the day we have witnessed a woman washing down her cement with a hose…. A young woman watering her garden with a hose and also washing down her tin fence.

Hoses have been outlawed for a fair while now and middle of the day watering has been banned for 12 months or more.

These laws were brought in to help save not only river systems but also so we can still have drinking water. We may not agree with them, but we have to by law…obey them.

I am like thousands of other gardeners who cart buckets/watering cans around my garden to keep my passion alive. To see people openly or secretly under the covers of darkness defying the law, disheartens me.

Would they be the first to complain if they had no water to drink and wash in??

I feel better for my rant and I thank you for listening.

Until next time….hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

and they would shout the loudest!! Maybe the council or whatever your local community bosses are should set up a water wasters watch! A bit like the Uk's Neighbourhood watch http://www.neighbourhoodwatch.uk.com/

Ali said...

it is blatant disregard of the law and totally selfish. Do you have a "dob in" system where you live? Back in WA there is one and people use it leading to people getting fined.

Anonymous said...

Not all of us are careless ect as we water both our lawns, garden and pot plants by sprinklers/drippers but we use our own rain water to do so. I have friends who also have bores in their backyards and we all use signage on our fences while doing so.

Lucky-1 said...

Anonymous, I didn't say all people were careless..... I have a rainwater tank I use on my vegie garden. My brother has 3 big tanks for his garden and lawns.

I was commenting on what I saw on the night.....