Saturday, September 01, 2007

Welcome Spring.

If you go by the calendar today is the first day of spring. Going from todays weather outside, spring has sprung in Luckyland.

Spent most of the morning outside preparing the area for where the lettuces, pak choy and spring onions will be going this season. I'll post those photos tomorrow as I wanted to show you how much my ducks enjoy their pondie.

Water restrictions have carried on into September, where we have to bucket and use watering can, while dripper systems aren't allowed to be used. I don't have a dripper system for my vegie patch, but I do feel for the people who have gone to this great expense to help save water and can't use them.

Animals are not to be left to suffer with the water restrictions and so with the ducks, their water is recycled. When their little shell pond needs cleaning out, all water is bucketed onto the vegie garden. So not only is the water not wasted, but the duck poo in the water feeds the plants at the same time.

So much excitement is to be had when I start scooping out the water into a bucket for carting to the vegie garden.

How excited can a duck get over fresh water be it for a pond or drink....lets take a look.

At the watering hole Paddles & Rhett are having a dip and pretty happy to use their drinking water for it. Ducks have no shame and will try and bath in the smallest amount they can find.

Not a feather is to be left untouched when having a sponge bath, or is that a bill bath? Rhett was there for the whole photo shoot of them while I was out there. Lots of lovely wet feathers.

Roz was first into the pond, as you can see it's not filled fully and this will do them for the next few days until it's too dirty for them to drink or wade in.

Back at the watering hole Rhett is looking lovely and white and still preening. Not taking any notice of Hotlips or Klinger who came over for a drink.

Roz enjoying a rest and floating on the water after a bath.

Nope not finished yet, got her second wind here.

Nothing was left to chance, even the under tail was given a clean.

Bundy came over to see if Rhett was finished her bath.

My ducks don't understand water restrictions. So I hope by using their water in my vegie garden and not just tipped onto the ground and wasting it, I am making up for their shortfalls.

August stats to come later today.

Until then hoo roo....

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