Friday, September 21, 2007

Worms And Warm Weather

Weather is warming up around Australia now, this means time to think about your little worm friends. idea

  • Are your farms clear of anything leaning against the farm, for ants to climb up and get into your farms question
  • Those dishes the legs are standing in.... still able to hold water or will they leak the minute water is poured in question
  • Do you need to put new newspaper into the feeding tray, if you do...make the sheets thicker and they won't dry out as quick idea
  • Do you need to increase the food in your farms, now the worms are more active question

Also if your new to worm farming, check to see that your farms aren't going to over heat where you have them setup. Yo may need to move them to another area in your garden, to keep them cooler and not in the afternoon sun.

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1 comment:

Ali said...

they're great tips! My worm farm is in a good spot but thanks for reminding me to get my in laws to move their worm foarm to a cooler area :)