Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Tea For A Few Thousand

Nothing beats a cup of tea made from tea leaves rather than a tea bag, in my books.

Last fortnight I bought some large leaf tea for my tea pot. I couldn't find my usual regular tea I buy, so I bought the same brand, but a box of large leaf instead.

I can't get over the differance the tea not only tasted but how it brewed up eek It was so bad in taste and when emptying the tea pot, the leaves looked like seaweed. redface

So I have been using tea bags until I bought some regular tea (yesterday) I have been drinking for the last 12 years. So for the last 24 hours I have been enjoying my cups mrgreen of tea with such relish.

Now comes the burning question, what do I do with the large leaf tea I haven't used. question

I hate waste of any kind and so I thought....... I'll make some cuppas for my worms. They love coffee grounds from Pat's coffee maker and I thought they might like the tea as well.

This photo shows you what the tea looks like after it's brewed in boiling water for a while. Once it cools down I'll pour it into one of the farms. I'll keep doing this over the next couple of weeks until it's all gone.

I hope my workers are going to enjoy their new tea breaks mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Colour My World

I don't look at the other parts of my garden (away from the vegie patch) as neglected.... I like to think of them a more of a self sufficient, looks after itself sort of garden.

Walking around the yard I have flowers out and thought I'd share them with you for today's posting.

Climbing White Iceburg Rose

Blue Salvia



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Monday, October 22, 2007

More Vegie Flowers

After showing you the close ups of the carrot flower yesterday, thought today I'd show you the size of the actual carrot stem. As you can see it's not little and also there are heaps of flowering heads coming into flower.

So if I harvest this correctly, I shouldn't be short of carrot seeds for future sowings. And those seeds are free too.

Spring onion flowers are also going great guns and starting to not look so green.

Of all the years growing raspberries for Pat, this is the first time I think I have seen the flower freshly open. I am not sure how long the flower lasts, before it starts to die off and the fruit to develop.

This flower to me is a lovely dainty little thing, with 5 little white petals. I just showed Pat the flower and he too said, he hasn't seen the white flower. Like me, he misses out on seeing the flower open.

Tomorrow I'll check and see if the flower is still as fresh or if it's starting to die off.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who Ordered The Hot Weather?

Well who ordered the hot weather?? Hands I know it wasn't me.

Today is another hot day here, though today is overcast with clouds. So this I am sure is keeping the bite out of the day.

Pat & I am busy keeping the animals comfortable and cool water for them to drink.

So another day not gardening, though the cool change is due in overnight, from last weather report I heard. This should make for some pleasant gardening time this coming week out in the vegie patch.

Tried earlier on to post photos, but blogger wasn't being helpful. So now it's working and here goes.

Couple of carrots have started to go to seed and I thought, why not collect the seeds for future crops. I am so amazed at how pretty the flower head is and to me it looks very similar to Queen Ann Lace flowers.

Close up of the flower shows hundreds of little flowers on 1 large stem.

So in this hot weather, keep cool and remember to keep an eye on not only the regular animals, but worm farms as well.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Trip To The Beach

This morning at 8.45 I was meant to be sitting in the dentist chair and Pat was to follow with his appointment.

Just as we were about to leave the house and walk (me dragging my feet) the 2 km to the house of pain....oops I mean the dentist rooms, we had a reprieve. mrgreen As you can see I was cut up about the changing date to the 5th of November.

So with a free day not bellowing in pain before, while & after the dentist visit, I suggested to Pat how about taking a ride to Glenelg. So off we set with a walk to the train station and then a ride on the new tram/tracks from the train station to the beach.

Thought I'd post some photos of this new tram track area for anyone who either lived in Adelaide or has been to Adelaide, for them to have a bo-peep. Used to be buses that took us from North Terrace down to Victoria Square. This has been replace with a tram track from Morphett St Bridge to Victoria Square and then onto Glenelg.

We caught the tram on King William Street (no right turns on the roads now on King William Street) down near where the Advertiser building used to be. Think that is being made into units now...all glass and I am sure will take more power to cool in the summer.

When we arrived, first place we went was for a walk along the jetty for a look see. We could smell the ocean and hear children squealing in delight as they played in the water.

One of the downers, was this fishing line tangled on a old part of the jetty, out in the water. So many birds and water animals are tangled in this stuff each year.cry

Looks like we took a wrong turn on the jetty and wound up in Surfers Paradise. Last trip I didn't like this and its still the same this trip.

Magic Mountain was torn down back a few years now and this replaces it. Its not that far from Mosley Square, where the tram stopped. For people who don't know, it a fun place kids and adult kids can go and play some water sport, like those outside slides and fun stuff inside. I haven't been in there, Amy has though.

After a walk on the jetty, we did some window shopping and had a look around.

We had fish and chips in Mosley Square for lunch and it was just such a lovely day for doing this. Sure beat lunch at the kitchen table. lol

On a forum I visit ALS there is a thread about "What you would do with $20.00" I said I'd go to the beach for a feed of fish and chips.

Wasn't far wrong either $16.70 got us 2 pieces of butter fish in batter, minimum of chips and 2 X 600ml soft drinks. Seagulls are cheeky and in the end, they were taking the chips from Pat's fingers.

End of the road for the trams or the start of the track for heading back to the city.

Well I think our day was well spent at the beach, rather than in the rip out chair at the dentist.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back To Normal

Back to normal here, as I spent the afternoon in the vegie garden doing some transplanting. Tomatoes & capsicums are at last planted in their areas. I didn't get to plant them in the moon phase time, due to being sick. So I popped them out today.

Lets take a look at what I did when planting them out.

Tomatoes and capsicums were first to be planted out into this area. Also included in with the 6 Grosse Lisse tomato plants, were 6 California Wonder capsicum plants.

Also 1 "Brandywine" tomato plant from our good gardening buddy "Pepe". Many thanks for the tomato plant Pepe, can't wait to try the fruit out later in the season.

Going from the photo, you'd think I was growing soft drinks, like that idea though. Be like the beer ad, where the guy plants a strand of hair and down the months, he harvests a pile of beer.

Maybe I will be lucky enough to have this happen to me, but instead of beer I'd harvest skinny coke. mrgreen

This is the first year I have tried this out and so it's a trial for us here. The idea is to get the water to the roots of the plant and less evaporation in the hotter months. Pat drilled a 3mm hole in the lids, so the water can leak out at a good rate, without flooding the under soil and roots.

I'll have these areas mulched by the time we head to Sydney, that way they can look after themselves if Amy doesn't get time to water them.

Next to be done was the Lebanese cucumber plant Pepe gave to us along with that tomato plant and some cabbage seedlings. As the cucumbers love to amble, I have already set up the cucumber trellis for the seedling to clamber over.

Again a soft drink bottle for watering.

As we didn't start the espalier fruit tree area this year, it's now a bean area for the summer. Going from my moon charts, its the right time to sow bean seeds. Seeds were sown this afternoon and being it's a new gardening area, hoping for a FAB TAB of a harvest down the track.

On the trellises will be "Blue Lake" climbing beans. The front area will grow Pat's "butter beans" he loves so much. So this summer we are growing 3 variety of beans, as over in another area I have green bush beans already growing and developing strong plants.

Walking round the garden, it's lovely to see the areas that were waiting for seedlings or seeds are now busy with what we hope will be bumper crops. Vegie garden is starting to look more like a summer garden after today.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Vegie Flowers

After not posting for nearly a week with that head cold, it was lovely to go out the back and take some photos of changes in my vegie garden.

We had 2 mm of rain overnight and this has been gobbled up by the garden. Wind has picked up again today and tomorrow I'll plant out the seedlings that missed the moon phase and the seeds allocated for tomorrows moon phase sowing of beans.

Radar is just such a sexy rooster and as he loves to sing in the early hours of the morning, he's locked in the duck shed overnight to keep his singing to a muffle.

So when he's let out, first port of call is the "Freedom Road" gate. Where he jumps up and sings his little heart out.

With spring here, changes can be seen in my vegie patch and I don't have to look very hard to find them.

Straight leaf spring onions are flowering and this means hundreds of little free seeds. This will be my 3rd time saving spring onion seeds and it's just so rewarding saving one's own seeds. I have also shared my seeds with fellow gardeners over the last few years.

This variety of spring onions are my favourite to grow as the leaves stay lovely and straight. No falling over in the garden and developing diseases on the leaves.

Patrick is just so excited as his blessed raspberry canes are starting to flower. Look out you wild birds, if he catches you nibbling on these'll be on his hit list.

Nothing like freshly picked and chilled raspberries with cream for dessert on a summer evening.

Garlic is now swelling at the bottom of the plant where the cloves are. Looks like I could be in for a bumper crop this harvest.

My first year saving carrot seeds. This variety is "All Seasons" and it's one of my most favourite variety of carrots. I haven't any other carrots in flower and from my knowledge, I am the only vegie grower in the immediate area. So I am looking at a pure strain when I harvest these seeds.
Banjo is still happy with the chooks and is showing no interest in joining the ducks. I am going to see tomorrow while out in the garden, if she can cope with all the ducks talking to her. Hopefully if all goes well, Bundy will have calmed down after Banjo being home for a week now. If not he's prisoner # 000.01 again in the chook house for the day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Sept 07 Stats

Sorry it has taken so long to get the stats up for last month, but I have been sick with a head cold. Almost over the head cold now and if the rain stops, I’ll be out in the garden for a while today. But I am in no hurry to have the rain stop.

I’m using word this morning to type up the stats and will do a copy and paste to blog when ready to publish. No way am I typing it all on blog and risking it going awal a second time.

September was the driest it has been in Adelaide for 20 years. Only 3 days of rain for the month……..

10th we had 9mm of rain

25th we had 10mm of rain

29th only 2.5mm of rain fell.

Eggs for the month were up and down.

· Chooks laid 28 eggs for Sept down from 36 on August. I only have 6 hens now and once we are back from Sydney (holiday hopefully in Nov) I will increase the flock with some point of lay hens.

· Bantams laid 52 eggs well up on Augusts’ 35 eggs. Having 4 bantam hen’s helps and those eggs taste so yummy with some bacon.

· Ducks laid 54 eggs down from 63 in August, though with not having Milly could account for this.

September was a sad month for me as my 13 year old ginger cat was put to sleep and also we lost Banjo for 2 weeks and was returned safely to us this month.

Weather was unusual for this time of the year, hot north winds and with the lack of rain made for some scary news reports on water, farm crops and high temps.

Not as much news this month, my mind is not as fresh as it was when I type this out on the 2nd of this month.

Until next time….hoo roo

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Saturday, October 06, 2007

Banjo Update

Banjo slept upstairs with the chooks last night. When I went to lock everyone in for the night, she had already climbed the ramp and settled into one of the nest boxes.

This made me just even more positive that she was going to be okay, after being so wobbly on her feet when she arrived home. I think her whole adventure was very stressful, not knowing where she was and where her family had gone. Then coming home, would have been a relief and so over whelming for her. I'd say her name and she try and wag her tail with out stumbling on her legs.

When I went out this morning, Banjo was already down on the fresh straw with the chooks.

You can see where she has an injury above her bill, it's a clean scab. I am guessing while out flying about she may have perhaps flown into something, when she was landing. This is the only injury we can find on her.

The vet was happy with her condition and said she was a friendly duck. So they knew she was someone's pet. Those posters we placed around the area is how Banjo made her way home to us.

The main problem I have is Banjo is not 100% from her adventure and when she arrived home and was let out, she was very weak on her legs. So the last thing she (and me for that matter) was Bundy wanting to mount her as soon as her feet were placed on the soil.

Why Bundy couldn't just put his wing round Banjo, give a gentle hug and say......"Glad your home kid" and waddle away is beyond me. confused

So Bundy spent the afternoon in the chook run with the gate shut. Bundy was quacking away in there, wanting to get out. He was named prisoner 000-01 for the afternoon as his antics were so funny.

Today we have the gate shut between "Freedom Road" and the duck run. As you can see all visas for crossing the boarder have been canceled until further notice.

I keep going out and looking at Banjo as I am just so happy to have her home again.

Stats for last month are still coming.. I was side tracked yesterday afternoon. lol

Until next time....hoo roo

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