Saturday, October 13, 2007

Back To Normal

Back to normal here, as I spent the afternoon in the vegie garden doing some transplanting. Tomatoes & capsicums are at last planted in their areas. I didn't get to plant them in the moon phase time, due to being sick. So I popped them out today.

Lets take a look at what I did when planting them out.

Tomatoes and capsicums were first to be planted out into this area. Also included in with the 6 Grosse Lisse tomato plants, were 6 California Wonder capsicum plants.

Also 1 "Brandywine" tomato plant from our good gardening buddy "Pepe". Many thanks for the tomato plant Pepe, can't wait to try the fruit out later in the season.

Going from the photo, you'd think I was growing soft drinks, like that idea though. Be like the beer ad, where the guy plants a strand of hair and down the months, he harvests a pile of beer.

Maybe I will be lucky enough to have this happen to me, but instead of beer I'd harvest skinny coke. mrgreen

This is the first year I have tried this out and so it's a trial for us here. The idea is to get the water to the roots of the plant and less evaporation in the hotter months. Pat drilled a 3mm hole in the lids, so the water can leak out at a good rate, without flooding the under soil and roots.

I'll have these areas mulched by the time we head to Sydney, that way they can look after themselves if Amy doesn't get time to water them.

Next to be done was the Lebanese cucumber plant Pepe gave to us along with that tomato plant and some cabbage seedlings. As the cucumbers love to amble, I have already set up the cucumber trellis for the seedling to clamber over.

Again a soft drink bottle for watering.

As we didn't start the espalier fruit tree area this year, it's now a bean area for the summer. Going from my moon charts, its the right time to sow bean seeds. Seeds were sown this afternoon and being it's a new gardening area, hoping for a FAB TAB of a harvest down the track.

On the trellises will be "Blue Lake" climbing beans. The front area will grow Pat's "butter beans" he loves so much. So this summer we are growing 3 variety of beans, as over in another area I have green bush beans already growing and developing strong plants.

Walking round the garden, it's lovely to see the areas that were waiting for seedlings or seeds are now busy with what we hope will be bumper crops. Vegie garden is starting to look more like a summer garden after today.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

You should enjoy Brandywine. It isn't a big producer but is a tasty tomato. I'll be saving seeds from Brandywine Pink, Purple, Black and Suddeth's Strain this year so plenty of seed if you want some next year.