Monday, October 15, 2007

Day Trip To The Beach

This morning at 8.45 I was meant to be sitting in the dentist chair and Pat was to follow with his appointment.

Just as we were about to leave the house and walk (me dragging my feet) the 2 km to the house of pain....oops I mean the dentist rooms, we had a reprieve. mrgreen As you can see I was cut up about the changing date to the 5th of November.

So with a free day not bellowing in pain before, while & after the dentist visit, I suggested to Pat how about taking a ride to Glenelg. So off we set with a walk to the train station and then a ride on the new tram/tracks from the train station to the beach.

Thought I'd post some photos of this new tram track area for anyone who either lived in Adelaide or has been to Adelaide, for them to have a bo-peep. Used to be buses that took us from North Terrace down to Victoria Square. This has been replace with a tram track from Morphett St Bridge to Victoria Square and then onto Glenelg.

We caught the tram on King William Street (no right turns on the roads now on King William Street) down near where the Advertiser building used to be. Think that is being made into units now...all glass and I am sure will take more power to cool in the summer.

When we arrived, first place we went was for a walk along the jetty for a look see. We could smell the ocean and hear children squealing in delight as they played in the water.

One of the downers, was this fishing line tangled on a old part of the jetty, out in the water. So many birds and water animals are tangled in this stuff each year.cry

Looks like we took a wrong turn on the jetty and wound up in Surfers Paradise. Last trip I didn't like this and its still the same this trip.

Magic Mountain was torn down back a few years now and this replaces it. Its not that far from Mosley Square, where the tram stopped. For people who don't know, it a fun place kids and adult kids can go and play some water sport, like those outside slides and fun stuff inside. I haven't been in there, Amy has though.

After a walk on the jetty, we did some window shopping and had a look around.

We had fish and chips in Mosley Square for lunch and it was just such a lovely day for doing this. Sure beat lunch at the kitchen table. lol

On a forum I visit ALS there is a thread about "What you would do with $20.00" I said I'd go to the beach for a feed of fish and chips.

Wasn't far wrong either $16.70 got us 2 pieces of butter fish in batter, minimum of chips and 2 X 600ml soft drinks. Seagulls are cheeky and in the end, they were taking the chips from Pat's fingers.

End of the road for the trams or the start of the track for heading back to the city.

Well I think our day was well spent at the beach, rather than in the rip out chair at the dentist.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Great story and thanks for the photos of the tram.
Your description of the dentist gave me a laugh too.

Ali said...

what a better way to spend the day!!!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes a much better day in my books:D

Glad someone enjoyed the though of a