Thursday, October 04, 2007

More On The Tomato Area

First off let me tell you all..... I was just about to publish the stats for last month and I must have hit the wrong key and it all went south evil Like to know why the auto draft save can't be found of what I wrote.

So I will either type it all out again later today or tomorrow's posting will be of last months stats.

My bush beans are up and the photo above was taken through the bird netting.

Lets look at what I did this morning out the back instead. The wind has gone else where today and so the backyard is an enjoyable place to be.

Firstly check out what "Ringo" did in the asparagus area yesterday afternoon. Not Happy Janexclaim

I had to carefully putting the soil back and while doing this I harvested a pile of spears. Blasted chook is gonna either have to pull her socks up.... or she's gonna get a good fright with a tennis ball, that is kept at the back door.

Back in the tomato area, I have spread out the gypsum we bought on Tuesday. Also a good sprinkle of Blood & Bone in the area. Followed with 3 bags of sheep poo and the last of that winter compost, 2 wheel barrows full.

Ready to be spread out and then left as we have talk of showers of rain in the evening and tomorrow morning. If this doesn't happen, I'll turning it all in and water it with the watering can. But with it being Friday, I could leave it to Saturday morning and use the hose, as we have new water restrictions in place.

That info on the water restrictions was in the stats update that went south. Have to see what happens over night and decide tomorrow.

Peaches is my new "Bum Buddy" when in the poultry run. I was forever moving her away from where I was using the garden fork, she has no fear that hen.

So out the back was just so wonderful this morning.

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