Monday, October 22, 2007

More Vegie Flowers

After showing you the close ups of the carrot flower yesterday, thought today I'd show you the size of the actual carrot stem. As you can see it's not little and also there are heaps of flowering heads coming into flower.

So if I harvest this correctly, I shouldn't be short of carrot seeds for future sowings. And those seeds are free too.

Spring onion flowers are also going great guns and starting to not look so green.

Of all the years growing raspberries for Pat, this is the first time I think I have seen the flower freshly open. I am not sure how long the flower lasts, before it starts to die off and the fruit to develop.

This flower to me is a lovely dainty little thing, with 5 little white petals. I just showed Pat the flower and he too said, he hasn't seen the white flower. Like me, he misses out on seeing the flower open.

Tomorrow I'll check and see if the flower is still as fresh or if it's starting to die off.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

I really wish I had the room to let some plants go to seed!!

Lucky-1 said...

I have only been doing this and on a small scale, the last few years.