Friday, October 05, 2007

Poultry At Play

Nothing like the promise of fresh straw and sunshine to put the gangs in a happy playful mood.

After cleaning out the duck and chook areas, the soiled bedding was either composted or put round the potato plants to help hill the area up for a bigger crop.

Then came the fun....... spreading the straw round after checking out what bugs could be found, with the old straw removed.

Radar standing guard while I was taking photos of the girls in the duck shed.

Nothing could make a chook happier than sunshine & a dust bath. Must have been a good soil area here....7 chooks in the same spot.

Bundy hopping into the water dish for a pondie.

Twinner in the water dish for her pondie.

Radar telling his wives what to do with the bale of straw.

Water dish being used for what it's meant for..... drinking out of.

Working at spreading the straw around the duck shed. Bonnie was watching as she's laying her egg.

So the ducks and chooks had a wonderful morning, lucky things.

Until next time....hoo roo

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k said...

Glad to see that Banjo is back and relatively unscathed. I think Radar's wives should tell HIM what to do with the bail of hay LOL

Lucky-1 said...

Thank you K:)

Radar is a hard task

He is often see standing up high watching over his wives.