Friday, October 12, 2007

Sept 07 Stats

Sorry it has taken so long to get the stats up for last month, but I have been sick with a head cold. Almost over the head cold now and if the rain stops, I’ll be out in the garden for a while today. But I am in no hurry to have the rain stop.

I’m using word this morning to type up the stats and will do a copy and paste to blog when ready to publish. No way am I typing it all on blog and risking it going awal a second time.

September was the driest it has been in Adelaide for 20 years. Only 3 days of rain for the month……..

10th we had 9mm of rain

25th we had 10mm of rain

29th only 2.5mm of rain fell.

Eggs for the month were up and down.

· Chooks laid 28 eggs for Sept down from 36 on August. I only have 6 hens now and once we are back from Sydney (holiday hopefully in Nov) I will increase the flock with some point of lay hens.

· Bantams laid 52 eggs well up on Augusts’ 35 eggs. Having 4 bantam hen’s helps and those eggs taste so yummy with some bacon.

· Ducks laid 54 eggs down from 63 in August, though with not having Milly could account for this.

September was a sad month for me as my 13 year old ginger cat was put to sleep and also we lost Banjo for 2 weeks and was returned safely to us this month.

Weather was unusual for this time of the year, hot north winds and with the lack of rain made for some scary news reports on water, farm crops and high temps.

Not as much news this month, my mind is not as fresh as it was when I type this out on the 2nd of this month.

Until next time….hoo roo

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