Friday, October 12, 2007

Vegie Flowers

After not posting for nearly a week with that head cold, it was lovely to go out the back and take some photos of changes in my vegie garden.

We had 2 mm of rain overnight and this has been gobbled up by the garden. Wind has picked up again today and tomorrow I'll plant out the seedlings that missed the moon phase and the seeds allocated for tomorrows moon phase sowing of beans.

Radar is just such a sexy rooster and as he loves to sing in the early hours of the morning, he's locked in the duck shed overnight to keep his singing to a muffle.

So when he's let out, first port of call is the "Freedom Road" gate. Where he jumps up and sings his little heart out.

With spring here, changes can be seen in my vegie patch and I don't have to look very hard to find them.

Straight leaf spring onions are flowering and this means hundreds of little free seeds. This will be my 3rd time saving spring onion seeds and it's just so rewarding saving one's own seeds. I have also shared my seeds with fellow gardeners over the last few years.

This variety of spring onions are my favourite to grow as the leaves stay lovely and straight. No falling over in the garden and developing diseases on the leaves.

Patrick is just so excited as his blessed raspberry canes are starting to flower. Look out you wild birds, if he catches you nibbling on these'll be on his hit list.

Nothing like freshly picked and chilled raspberries with cream for dessert on a summer evening.

Garlic is now swelling at the bottom of the plant where the cloves are. Looks like I could be in for a bumper crop this harvest.

My first year saving carrot seeds. This variety is "All Seasons" and it's one of my most favourite variety of carrots. I haven't any other carrots in flower and from my knowledge, I am the only vegie grower in the immediate area. So I am looking at a pure strain when I harvest these seeds.
Banjo is still happy with the chooks and is showing no interest in joining the ducks. I am going to see tomorrow while out in the garden, if she can cope with all the ducks talking to her. Hopefully if all goes well, Bundy will have calmed down after Banjo being home for a week now. If not he's prisoner # 000.01 again in the chook house for the day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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