Sunday, October 21, 2007

Who Ordered The Hot Weather?

Well who ordered the hot weather?? Hands I know it wasn't me.

Today is another hot day here, though today is overcast with clouds. So this I am sure is keeping the bite out of the day.

Pat & I am busy keeping the animals comfortable and cool water for them to drink.

So another day not gardening, though the cool change is due in overnight, from last weather report I heard. This should make for some pleasant gardening time this coming week out in the vegie patch.

Tried earlier on to post photos, but blogger wasn't being helpful. So now it's working and here goes.

Couple of carrots have started to go to seed and I thought, why not collect the seeds for future crops. I am so amazed at how pretty the flower head is and to me it looks very similar to Queen Ann Lace flowers.

Close up of the flower shows hundreds of little flowers on 1 large stem.

So in this hot weather, keep cool and remember to keep an eye on not only the regular animals, but worm farms as well.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

I've never seen carrot flowers before ~ they're much larger than I imagined!!

Hope it's cooler tomorrow for you and the animals :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Ali:) Temp is to be in the mid twenties tomorrow. Thank goodness.

Lucy C said...

Bit too warm for me here too.
I have been filling duckling ponds endlessly for the little ones to keep cool.
Will post photos when the weather cools down.
Thanks for the photos of the carrot flowers.

Lucky-1 said...

Yes little ducks or even big ducks (all bird for that matter) need their cool water.

Bare Bones Gardener said...

Wasn't me, my order was for rain...

Lucky-1 said...

Well we ended up with 7 mm of rain since this post.