Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 3 In Sydney

Our day starts at 6 am with walking Flanagan around the local park with Fiona. Pat would stay home as the girls were still in bed asleep and Iain has already left for work. Once I worked out the time differences between N.S.W & South Australia, I nearly fell over.... it's a 5.30 am get up for me. Hell I was on holidays and I was getting up hours before I did back home.

Though I must say the mornings have become my favourite time of the day and Pat I are still getting up at 6 am, South Aussie time and going for our walk.

Once back from the walk it was a snooze for Flanagan and breakfast for me while Fiona got the kids ready for school.

Loved looking first thing in the morning for spiders in the garden. The Orb spiders were my favourite and this is one of them I liked to visit each morning. When I spotted the webs through the day, often all that was left was the pretend legs the spider had spun to make themselves look bigger.

Third day was spent having a look at the Brick Pit down next to Olympic Park.

Walking into the Brick Pit area we could hear small animals singing to each other, hidden in the swamp water laying amongst native grasses and trees. Both Pat & I had no idea what we were about to be greeted with and it was amazing to say the least.

I have a couple of links above with more photos and info on the Brick Pits. It's worth a read as the statistic's are mind boggling. From the amount of bricks that were made and supplying the city areas to the environmental impact of the area and the scheme to bring native animals & vegetation back to the area.

There was lots of water in the pit the day we went, due to the rains Sydney had received.

Me doing something very brave...standing next to the edge of the wall. I'm not a fan of heights or stairs, but no way was I missing out on a walk round reading and looking at the Pits. With not a Brad or Jolie in sight.

Pretty impressive isn't it? Close to the edges of the water the algae colour was the most green of greens I had seen. Walking round there were areas where we could read information about the bricking times and then the regeneration of the areas now the pit isn't being used.

If you ever get a chance to have a look at this place, it's really worth it.

Not all the pit was under water.

Once back in the car the 4 of us went for a drive through Olympic Park, right next to the Brick Pits. Olympic Park is huge and it was so exciting to see where medals were won and lost, records made & broken .

Who doesn't remember when Cathy Freeman lit this baby up? Moved outside in the park near the Telstra Stadium. Fiona and her family could see the Olympic Flame burning from their front yard.

Walking Flanagan back from the park each morning I could see parts of the Olympic buildings from her place.

David Beckham was playing soccer here and we could hear the roar of the crowd when outside and the wind blew the right way. Not an overly big sports fan of any kind, but I just glad to take this photo. Those lawns sure look lovely and green, just so dry back here in Adelaide.

After a good look round Olympic Park, Fiona and Pa surprised us with a drive into the city so we could the bridge and Opera House. Pa very kindly let me sit in the front, so I could snap my camera at every turn of the car tyres.

My first photo I took of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was love at first sight and I have so many photos of the coat hanger. If I could get the bridge in the photo, even if it was a corner of the was added to the photo.

ANZAC Bridge...... stunning isn't it? I am shamed into writing here, that both Pat & I had never heard of this bridge, built in honour of the ANZACs. Took heaps of photos of this bridge as well.

As we drove onto the bridge, there is a statue of a solider with his head bowed.

Wooh hoo here we go over the bridge. Not sure what I was expecting as we started to drive onto the bridge and so I have posted a photo to show other people what it looks like.

I went nuts.... I photographed the sides, road, even the top of the bridge. This reminded me of lace ribbon, crisscrossing above us.... as we drove over her. Fiona then took us under the harbor when we headed back towards the city.

This is the photo I have as a desk top photo on my laptop and mobile phone. I actually turfed a photo of my cat "Lucky" off the phone as I was just so thrilled with the photo.

I took this photo down by Mrs. Macquarie's Chair along with a pile of others. Pat stayed up by the car as he was getting tired from all the days activities. While all the energetic office workers ran or jogged past me, smelling of sweat and breathing hard, I walked down a pile of stairs trying to remember to watch where I was walking and not trip over as I strained my neck to see everything.

I was standing right next to the Sydney Harbor water and I could smell it and almost touch the water. It was so overwhelming to be standing there while everyone either walked about their business or jog in their lunch break.

It was hard to remember there was family at the top of the stairs waiting to see me return to them. So hard turning my back and join the other people who either sweating and puffing as they ran up the stairs or like me was sweating & wheezing as I walked back up the stairs.

Time then to head home after such a fulfilling day. Nothing like a full day out and coming home to have a swim in the pool out the back after the girls arrived home from school and a BBQ for diner.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 2 In Sydney

Monday morning after the 2 girls were taken to school and Pa had walked up to Fiona & Iain's home (Pa lives around the corner in his unit) we took a drive to the Auburn Fauna Reserve.

One thing that stood out as we drove there, was how green Sydney was compared to Adelaide. They have had so much rain compared to us.

Outside of the gardens was very beautiful with the tidy lawns and lovely plants on show.

Inside was stunning and it took my breath away when I look around at what the gardens had to offer their visitors.

To the left as we walked in was a Japanese garden and I am pretty sure this is the first Japanese garden I have ever seen. I loved the whole idea of how it was presented and I have seen a few on gardening shows on TV to have an idea of what story it was telling.

To the right was a wall and this is what greeted us as we went to walk through the circle walkway.

How stunning is this?

Japanese tea room that we walked around to and sat inside. There were lots of people painting & sketching as we walked round the area. I asked a few painters if I could see what they were doing and each painting or sketch told a different story through the artist's eyes.

Isn't she beautiful (has to be a girl as she's just stunning) and this is the first white swan that both Pat & I have ever seen. I didn't know we had any even in Australia. Oh I just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous bird. The amount of times when I have seen the Australian black swans and wished to be able to see a white one.

And there she was, swimming like she had not a care in the world.

Walking around the pond where the white swan and her other feathered friends were swimming we came across the Japanese tea house and to get there Pat & I walked across the stepping stones, while Pa & Fiona took the walking path.

In the water were heaps of carp the size of snapper fish. I took more photos of the carp fish than Pat, but as the water isn't clear, the photos are not what I want to share with you. This place needs to be shown with beautiful photos, to show it off how stunning the gardens are.

You will have to wait for the day's story on our trip to the zoo for huge carp photos mrgreen

Not only is Auburn Gardens full of plants and water features there is also animals. The odd snake passing through..missed that one by a couple of minutes as people told us to be careful as we walked past the area it was spotted.

There were wallabies, small kangaroos, over friendly emus. Thank goodness for the fence, I find emus a bit on the big side for me.

Peacocks were everywhere on the ground, in trees, under trees, on lawns and even out on the footpaths going for a stroll. I missed getting a photo of the tail feathers open and on display when we first arrived. Such a pretty bird and the most I have seen in 1 garden or park area.

This little lizard was a show pony and loved to have his photo taken.

Reflection Pool is just such a tranquil area with a line of trees on either side. This was one of my most calm moments on the holiday.....Lest We Forget.

Oh a paper bark tree, my very first meeting with one of these and I was entranced with the whole tree. I was so gentle touching the tree, so as not to damage this papery bark. I can't describe the texture of the tree, except to say it was like the finest and most silkiest paper you could ever hold.

Was asked by a Sydney sider at a shop if I took some to bring home to Adelaide. I said no, as I didn't want to be arrested for vandalism on my first day out in the city. That cracked them up so much, just didn't seem right to take some.

One of the stone work bridges we walked over.

Well that was the morning out in the beautiful gardens in Auburn. On the way home we went through a cemetery that is the largest burial grounds in the world. There was 3 florist shops and roads with names in the streets, different areas for different countries/religions. Here is another link for more information.

We were going to walk through it later in the week, but we ran out on time. I was so gob smacked at the beauty (yes beauty) of the place and what stories could be heard I am sure if we listened to the wind as it whispered through the trees.

I didn't take any photos and I am kicking myself for not snapping my camera as we drove through.

We did other family things as the day wore on.......those ones our our memories biggrin

So that was our first tourist outing and what an outing it was.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Day 1 In Sydney

Holiday is all over and we're now home with our little fur kids & feather kids. While away we had just so much fun with Pat's family and Pa that computering took a second or was that 30th thought and I decided not to worry about posting until we came home.

So over the next few days I'll post a series of stories and photos of what we saw and did while in Sydney.

First off was day 1 (of course) and I was up at about 3 am ready to wake the pilot up and get the plane in the air. I kept asking Pat if he was excited as I was all revved up and I think I could have flown there if I just flapped my arms.

Had a quiet trip to the airport I was bouncing off the car doors.....Pat was calm.

In the airport it was so exciting to think we were catching a plane and not just there for collecting family members from interstate.

I was jumping by this stage, asking Pat if he was excited........not until the luggage was book in he said.

Luggage went through smoothly and my brand spanking new photo ID that cost us some running round and just over $50 to organize, wasn't even asked to be shown. I was shaking with excitement....Pat was calm as he wanted to get us through the security point and down to the area we needed to be to board the plane......still calm he was.

Then I saw it, my plane. eek

When I saw my plane (not our plane) I was out for the first of what was to be nearly 1000 photos that I took in the 10 days.

I was doing cartwheel by this stage..... Pat was clam telling me not to act like a tourist. He said no time for photos, have to board the plane.

That is me just after 3 hours of high adrenalin, just after 6 am and I'm in my window seat, looking calm on the outside and feral on the inside.

The plane ride was amazing, we had seats at the back of the plane on the right side. When we took off, it was so cool...the plane was gong into the air and we were still on the ground dragging our bums.

Once we straighten up over the water, we headed off to Sydney. Loved the whole trip and I had my camera fixed to the window and the clouds were so amazing and pretty as.

Just one of the dozens of out the window pictures I took, while Pat read the JetStar magazine. Oh yeah, He was excited by this stage.

This photo shows you the way we came in over Sydney. Just so all you who know the city can see which way we flew in. Smooth landing and first faces we saw when we arrived in the terminal was Pa, sister Fiona and niece Emily. Lots of hugs and kisses and then off to collect our suitcases and the ride to Fiona's home.

After lunch we went to the Paddy's Market off Parramatta Road and wasn't is just the most FAB TAB place for a market junkie to roam. Picked up a couple of t-shirts each with Sydney on them and a material, soft gray toning "Guest" ripoff handbag for myself.

Home then for some R&R and a lovely meal sitting by the swimming pool. I was still hyped, though Pat was tired after the flight and early morning get start to the day.

So that was our first day of our 10 day holiday. I have hundreds of photos to look at and decide which ones I want to share. So I hope you'll enjoy the tales of our holiday adventure. razz

Now it's time to hang out that second load of washing and do our breakfast dishes (no dish washer in our house).

So until next time....hoo roo

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Hello From Sydney

This is been me for the last 9 days....... Walking round Sydney with my camera stuck to my eye. lol We are home tomorrow and I have some stunning photos of our trips around the city.

I have fallen in love with the Harbour Bridge and I have lost count of how many photos I took of it.

We have had ferry rides, train rides. bus rides and car rides.

Over the up coming days...I will tell you all about our wonderful holiday and what we saw.

So until then.... hoo roo.

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Up Up & Away

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Nope.... its Lucky & Pat flying to a place maybe near you lol Tomorrow morning at 4 am Pat & I will be up and atom as we're off on our first real holiday in 24 years.

We had done the odd trips away overnight or for a couple of days in a caravan park.... but to be gone for a week or more, it's a long time between drinks.

Yes, we're flying to Sydney for 10 days, staying with Pat's sister and her family. Also Pat's dad moved over to Sydney early this year and we'll be seeing dad for the first time in ages.

Back when Amy was 4 years old, both she and I scored a free plane ride between Whyalla and Adelaide in one of those tiny little planes that seats.... about 12 people. Flight took 40 mins and so to me this is my first REAL plane. mrgreen

We have seats book towards the back of the plane, camera is packed in my handbag for those in the plane and out the window photos.

Rebel trying to hitch a ride, cats have been pretty good about the whole suitcases, bags and needed gear spread all over the lounge room.

Milly checking out the big suitcase now it's packed. Been pretty easy packing gear for the trip.... don't think I have forgotten anything.

Only problem we have is the bathroom scales died on us when trying to weigh the case. Digital scales are years old and time we had a new pair. Was hoping they last out until the case was measured but.... no such luck.

SIL has asked us what we want to see why on holidays and we have given them a list of places we are interested in. I am hoping to be able to post on my blog each day to tell you and show you what we got up too.

Amy will be staying behind as she has to work and will be caring for all my animals. So I won't have to spend time worrying about them.

Both Pat & I are just so looking forward to seeing what Sydney will have to offer to us as well as spending time with family.

So I do hope I will have a chance to post while away and if not.....

Until next time....hoo roo

Friday, November 16, 2007

Mulch, Mulch & Yes Mulch

Here in Luckyland we are having an unusual set of hot days and so it's time to mulch my vegie garden for the hot weather.

I always wait until the soil has well and truly warmed up before I start mulching in earnest.

I used a bale of straw to mulch the areas that still needed doing as well as cleaning out the animal pens. This animal litter was also spread round the garden as mulch.

Tomatoes and capsicums will along with the rest of the garden have to hope that Amy will remember to water them while we are away. Though with the garden now mulched, it will have a better chance of surviving while we are away.

I'd rather Amy remember to look after the animals daily, than water the garden.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Egg Hunting

Most of the time chooks will lay their eggs in a nice comfy egg laying box in their hen house. Not all chooks though, some like to hide and lay a clutch of eggs in high grass or in a dark corner in the garden.

My hens will lay them in the nest boxes in their hen house or the odd egg in the duck shed nest box. So chook eggs are not an issue when collecting them daily.

Now my lovely ducks are another thing. lol

The ducks have some really comfy areas in their shed for laying eggs and though I do collect duck eggs from these areas, some other places are also developing the last few days.

This is what underneath the cubby house turned chook house looks like..... 8 years of dust bathing, bits of straw that has made it's way underneath.

Lots of comfy holes for laying eggs in or just sitting and relaxing for both ducks and chooks.

Last few days I have needed to use a lawn rake and while on my knees, I reach under and pull the duck eggs out.

It wouldn't surprise me if a duck or 2 don't go broody underneath over the coming months. With our holiday coming up next week, 10 days of eggs under the chook house, maybe too tempting for a duck not to sit on.

I am not expecting Amy to drag the eggs out in the dusk light after work....

Ducks love to lay eggs in car tyres as they are easy to climb in & out of and lots of straw for softness and room for sitting and thinking egg thoughts.

I have a spare worm tray and the ducks love to lay eggs here as well. I also use this one as a broody box for Banjo and Bonnie when setting eggs under them. Looks comfy too doesn't it... mrgreen

Nice size duck egg, its a Muscovy duck egg..... weighing in at 78 gms. Nice and clean and big sitting in the palm of my hand.

I have shown you 3 places I could collected this egg from.

Thing is I didn't collect this egg from any of these 3 areas. A Muscovy duck can weigh up to 4 kilo and isn't a small duck compared to some breeds.

Check out where either Clancy or Banjo laid her egg this morning eek

Yes this egg was laid in the old bread flour tin the bantam hens love to lay their eggs in. I have laid this tin on it's side, but the bantams didn't like this. So I have left it upright, when I started to find bantam eggs in it.

I have also found pekin eggs in the tin as well. It amazes me that the nest tin is left upright and the eggs in tack, without even a crack in them.

Gee I'd love to see the duck either getting in or out of the tin. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo