Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 1 In Sydney

Holiday is all over and we're now home with our little fur kids & feather kids. While away we had just so much fun with Pat's family and Pa that computering took a second or was that 30th thought and I decided not to worry about posting until we came home.

So over the next few days I'll post a series of stories and photos of what we saw and did while in Sydney.

First off was day 1 (of course) and I was up at about 3 am ready to wake the pilot up and get the plane in the air. I kept asking Pat if he was excited as I was all revved up and I think I could have flown there if I just flapped my arms.

Had a quiet trip to the airport I was bouncing off the car doors.....Pat was calm.

In the airport it was so exciting to think we were catching a plane and not just there for collecting family members from interstate.

I was jumping by this stage, asking Pat if he was excited........not until the luggage was book in he said.

Luggage went through smoothly and my brand spanking new photo ID that cost us some running round and just over $50 to organize, wasn't even asked to be shown. I was shaking with excitement....Pat was calm as he wanted to get us through the security point and down to the area we needed to be to board the plane......still calm he was.

Then I saw it, my plane. eek

When I saw my plane (not our plane) I was out for the first of what was to be nearly 1000 photos that I took in the 10 days.

I was doing cartwheel by this stage..... Pat was clam telling me not to act like a tourist. He said no time for photos, have to board the plane.

That is me just after 3 hours of high adrenalin, just after 6 am and I'm in my window seat, looking calm on the outside and feral on the inside.

The plane ride was amazing, we had seats at the back of the plane on the right side. When we took off, it was so cool...the plane was gong into the air and we were still on the ground dragging our bums.

Once we straighten up over the water, we headed off to Sydney. Loved the whole trip and I had my camera fixed to the window and the clouds were so amazing and pretty as.

Just one of the dozens of out the window pictures I took, while Pat read the JetStar magazine. Oh yeah, He was excited by this stage.

This photo shows you the way we came in over Sydney. Just so all you who know the city can see which way we flew in. Smooth landing and first faces we saw when we arrived in the terminal was Pa, sister Fiona and niece Emily. Lots of hugs and kisses and then off to collect our suitcases and the ride to Fiona's home.

After lunch we went to the Paddy's Market off Parramatta Road and wasn't is just the most FAB TAB place for a market junkie to roam. Picked up a couple of t-shirts each with Sydney on them and a material, soft gray toning "Guest" ripoff handbag for myself.

Home then for some R&R and a lovely meal sitting by the swimming pool. I was still hyped, though Pat was tired after the flight and early morning get start to the day.

So that was our first day of our 10 day holiday. I have hundreds of photos to look at and decide which ones I want to share. So I hope you'll enjoy the tales of our holiday adventure. razz

Now it's time to hang out that second load of washing and do our breakfast dishes (no dish washer in our house).

So until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

I love the shot of you on the plane.
And the comment about your bums dragging behind.
Can't wait to hear more of your adventures.

Kez said...

Looking foward to the next instalment!

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Lucy:) We had a FAB TAB of a time and I am looking forward to telling you more about what we did and saw.

I haven't answered your 2 other emails yet...but I will over the next day or so:D

Lucky-1 said...

I hope you enjoy the postings that will be following over the next few days Kez :D