Thursday, November 29, 2007

Day 2 In Sydney

Monday morning after the 2 girls were taken to school and Pa had walked up to Fiona & Iain's home (Pa lives around the corner in his unit) we took a drive to the Auburn Fauna Reserve.

One thing that stood out as we drove there, was how green Sydney was compared to Adelaide. They have had so much rain compared to us.

Outside of the gardens was very beautiful with the tidy lawns and lovely plants on show.

Inside was stunning and it took my breath away when I look around at what the gardens had to offer their visitors.

To the left as we walked in was a Japanese garden and I am pretty sure this is the first Japanese garden I have ever seen. I loved the whole idea of how it was presented and I have seen a few on gardening shows on TV to have an idea of what story it was telling.

To the right was a wall and this is what greeted us as we went to walk through the circle walkway.

How stunning is this?

Japanese tea room that we walked around to and sat inside. There were lots of people painting & sketching as we walked round the area. I asked a few painters if I could see what they were doing and each painting or sketch told a different story through the artist's eyes.

Isn't she beautiful (has to be a girl as she's just stunning) and this is the first white swan that both Pat & I have ever seen. I didn't know we had any even in Australia. Oh I just couldn't get enough of this gorgeous bird. The amount of times when I have seen the Australian black swans and wished to be able to see a white one.

And there she was, swimming like she had not a care in the world.

Walking around the pond where the white swan and her other feathered friends were swimming we came across the Japanese tea house and to get there Pat & I walked across the stepping stones, while Pa & Fiona took the walking path.

In the water were heaps of carp the size of snapper fish. I took more photos of the carp fish than Pat, but as the water isn't clear, the photos are not what I want to share with you. This place needs to be shown with beautiful photos, to show it off how stunning the gardens are.

You will have to wait for the day's story on our trip to the zoo for huge carp photos mrgreen

Not only is Auburn Gardens full of plants and water features there is also animals. The odd snake passing through..missed that one by a couple of minutes as people told us to be careful as we walked past the area it was spotted.

There were wallabies, small kangaroos, over friendly emus. Thank goodness for the fence, I find emus a bit on the big side for me.

Peacocks were everywhere on the ground, in trees, under trees, on lawns and even out on the footpaths going for a stroll. I missed getting a photo of the tail feathers open and on display when we first arrived. Such a pretty bird and the most I have seen in 1 garden or park area.

This little lizard was a show pony and loved to have his photo taken.

Reflection Pool is just such a tranquil area with a line of trees on either side. This was one of my most calm moments on the holiday.....Lest We Forget.

Oh a paper bark tree, my very first meeting with one of these and I was entranced with the whole tree. I was so gentle touching the tree, so as not to damage this papery bark. I can't describe the texture of the tree, except to say it was like the finest and most silkiest paper you could ever hold.

Was asked by a Sydney sider at a shop if I took some to bring home to Adelaide. I said no, as I didn't want to be arrested for vandalism on my first day out in the city. That cracked them up so much, just didn't seem right to take some.

One of the stone work bridges we walked over.

Well that was the morning out in the beautiful gardens in Auburn. On the way home we went through a cemetery that is the largest burial grounds in the world. There was 3 florist shops and roads with names in the streets, different areas for different countries/religions. Here is another link for more information.

We were going to walk through it later in the week, but we ran out on time. I was so gob smacked at the beauty (yes beauty) of the place and what stories could be heard I am sure if we listened to the wind as it whispered through the trees.

I didn't take any photos and I am kicking myself for not snapping my camera as we drove through.

We did other family things as the day wore on.......those ones our our memories biggrin

So that was our first tourist outing and what an outing it was.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Steve Bennett said...

Wonderful commentary Lucky, I feel asif I was wandering around the gardens with you.

I can recall family from the UK saying the same things as you when they first spotted a Black Swan.


Lucky-1 said...

Thank you Steve:D

I am so glad you are enjoying my stories.