Friday, November 30, 2007

Day 3 In Sydney

Our day starts at 6 am with walking Flanagan around the local park with Fiona. Pat would stay home as the girls were still in bed asleep and Iain has already left for work. Once I worked out the time differences between N.S.W & South Australia, I nearly fell over.... it's a 5.30 am get up for me. Hell I was on holidays and I was getting up hours before I did back home.

Though I must say the mornings have become my favourite time of the day and Pat I are still getting up at 6 am, South Aussie time and going for our walk.

Once back from the walk it was a snooze for Flanagan and breakfast for me while Fiona got the kids ready for school.

Loved looking first thing in the morning for spiders in the garden. The Orb spiders were my favourite and this is one of them I liked to visit each morning. When I spotted the webs through the day, often all that was left was the pretend legs the spider had spun to make themselves look bigger.

Third day was spent having a look at the Brick Pit down next to Olympic Park.

Walking into the Brick Pit area we could hear small animals singing to each other, hidden in the swamp water laying amongst native grasses and trees. Both Pat & I had no idea what we were about to be greeted with and it was amazing to say the least.

I have a couple of links above with more photos and info on the Brick Pits. It's worth a read as the statistic's are mind boggling. From the amount of bricks that were made and supplying the city areas to the environmental impact of the area and the scheme to bring native animals & vegetation back to the area.

There was lots of water in the pit the day we went, due to the rains Sydney had received.

Me doing something very brave...standing next to the edge of the wall. I'm not a fan of heights or stairs, but no way was I missing out on a walk round reading and looking at the Pits. With not a Brad or Jolie in sight.

Pretty impressive isn't it? Close to the edges of the water the algae colour was the most green of greens I had seen. Walking round there were areas where we could read information about the bricking times and then the regeneration of the areas now the pit isn't being used.

If you ever get a chance to have a look at this place, it's really worth it.

Not all the pit was under water.

Once back in the car the 4 of us went for a drive through Olympic Park, right next to the Brick Pits. Olympic Park is huge and it was so exciting to see where medals were won and lost, records made & broken .

Who doesn't remember when Cathy Freeman lit this baby up? Moved outside in the park near the Telstra Stadium. Fiona and her family could see the Olympic Flame burning from their front yard.

Walking Flanagan back from the park each morning I could see parts of the Olympic buildings from her place.

David Beckham was playing soccer here and we could hear the roar of the crowd when outside and the wind blew the right way. Not an overly big sports fan of any kind, but I just glad to take this photo. Those lawns sure look lovely and green, just so dry back here in Adelaide.

After a good look round Olympic Park, Fiona and Pa surprised us with a drive into the city so we could the bridge and Opera House. Pa very kindly let me sit in the front, so I could snap my camera at every turn of the car tyres.

My first photo I took of the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It was love at first sight and I have so many photos of the coat hanger. If I could get the bridge in the photo, even if it was a corner of the was added to the photo.

ANZAC Bridge...... stunning isn't it? I am shamed into writing here, that both Pat & I had never heard of this bridge, built in honour of the ANZACs. Took heaps of photos of this bridge as well.

As we drove onto the bridge, there is a statue of a solider with his head bowed.

Wooh hoo here we go over the bridge. Not sure what I was expecting as we started to drive onto the bridge and so I have posted a photo to show other people what it looks like.

I went nuts.... I photographed the sides, road, even the top of the bridge. This reminded me of lace ribbon, crisscrossing above us.... as we drove over her. Fiona then took us under the harbor when we headed back towards the city.

This is the photo I have as a desk top photo on my laptop and mobile phone. I actually turfed a photo of my cat "Lucky" off the phone as I was just so thrilled with the photo.

I took this photo down by Mrs. Macquarie's Chair along with a pile of others. Pat stayed up by the car as he was getting tired from all the days activities. While all the energetic office workers ran or jogged past me, smelling of sweat and breathing hard, I walked down a pile of stairs trying to remember to watch where I was walking and not trip over as I strained my neck to see everything.

I was standing right next to the Sydney Harbor water and I could smell it and almost touch the water. It was so overwhelming to be standing there while everyone either walked about their business or jog in their lunch break.

It was hard to remember there was family at the top of the stairs waiting to see me return to them. So hard turning my back and join the other people who either sweating and puffing as they ran up the stairs or like me was sweating & wheezing as I walked back up the stairs.

Time then to head home after such a fulfilling day. Nothing like a full day out and coming home to have a swim in the pool out the back after the girls arrived home from school and a BBQ for diner.

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Kez said...

Sydney Harbour really is gorgeous, isn't it?! It's so nice to read about it from a visitor's point of view! (I live a couple of hours away in the Hunter Valley).

Lucy C said...

I am so glad you enjoyed our beautiful city.

Libbys Blog said...

MY! you seem to have had a brill holiday! Its amazing how much there is to see in your own country, even here in England.

Lucky-1 said...

We have enjoyed your city so much Kez & Lucy. So much to offer people and just so pretty.

Lucky-1 said...

Having people to show us around has been a bonus as well Libby. Just amazing what people can find in their own backyard... if time is taken to smell the roses.