Thursday, November 15, 2007

Egg Hunting

Most of the time chooks will lay their eggs in a nice comfy egg laying box in their hen house. Not all chooks though, some like to hide and lay a clutch of eggs in high grass or in a dark corner in the garden.

My hens will lay them in the nest boxes in their hen house or the odd egg in the duck shed nest box. So chook eggs are not an issue when collecting them daily.

Now my lovely ducks are another thing. lol

The ducks have some really comfy areas in their shed for laying eggs and though I do collect duck eggs from these areas, some other places are also developing the last few days.

This is what underneath the cubby house turned chook house looks like..... 8 years of dust bathing, bits of straw that has made it's way underneath.

Lots of comfy holes for laying eggs in or just sitting and relaxing for both ducks and chooks.

Last few days I have needed to use a lawn rake and while on my knees, I reach under and pull the duck eggs out.

It wouldn't surprise me if a duck or 2 don't go broody underneath over the coming months. With our holiday coming up next week, 10 days of eggs under the chook house, maybe too tempting for a duck not to sit on.

I am not expecting Amy to drag the eggs out in the dusk light after work....

Ducks love to lay eggs in car tyres as they are easy to climb in & out of and lots of straw for softness and room for sitting and thinking egg thoughts.

I have a spare worm tray and the ducks love to lay eggs here as well. I also use this one as a broody box for Banjo and Bonnie when setting eggs under them. Looks comfy too doesn't it... mrgreen

Nice size duck egg, its a Muscovy duck egg..... weighing in at 78 gms. Nice and clean and big sitting in the palm of my hand.

I have shown you 3 places I could collected this egg from.

Thing is I didn't collect this egg from any of these 3 areas. A Muscovy duck can weigh up to 4 kilo and isn't a small duck compared to some breeds.

Check out where either Clancy or Banjo laid her egg this morning eek

Yes this egg was laid in the old bread flour tin the bantam hens love to lay their eggs in. I have laid this tin on it's side, but the bantams didn't like this. So I have left it upright, when I started to find bantam eggs in it.

I have also found pekin eggs in the tin as well. It amazes me that the nest tin is left upright and the eggs in tack, without even a crack in them.

Gee I'd love to see the duck either getting in or out of the tin. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo


Ali said...

lo at your feathered ladies laying their eggs in funny places!! :)

Lucky-1 said...

Like an Easter hunt every day:D