Friday, November 02, 2007

In The No-Dig Garden

After the rain we have had over the last week, I thought I'd take advantage of the soft wet soil and weed the no-dig garden area.

Two of the areas are under bird netting and when finished 1 area didn't have the netting put back over the plants.

Loose leaf lettuces are looking FAB TAB and can now be harvested by taking the outside leaves and making a pretty green salad on the dinner plate. I love these varieties of lettuces and now have no interest in growing the hearting lettuces.

Though every so often I will grow a punnet for Amy as the fussy girl doesn't like the loose leaf varieties.

Those 2 tiny red loose leaf lettuces I found at the beginning of September are booming along under the bird netting. This is the biggest of the 2 seedlings I moved to the new lettuce area for the hotter months.

Going to harvest some of these leaves for eating then once they go to seed, harvest them. I do so love the colours the loose leaf lettuces come in now.

Once we come back from Sydney I'll sow some more rocket seeds and this will make for such a salad from the garden.

Over to the left of the lettuces and behind the comfrey are the spring onions I transplanted the same day the lettuces were. These are a 3rd generation of seeds from my own collections.

Last of the spring onion over where they were sown, half were moved today to the new area in clumps to fill up some area that were vacant after the last of the brassica were harvested today.

The ones left in the area where sown as seeds will stay there until after our Sydney trip.

Once all was weeded and seedlings transplanted in, the bird netting was placed back over this area.

Birds are so quick and they home in on those lettuce leaves and can destroy the plants in one early morning raid.

This is the bean area and after a weed and tidy up I noticed the beans are developing flower buds. Really hoping for a bumper harvest of beans as this would be one of my most fav vegies.

The plant on the lower right corner is Garlic Chives and the plant came from our good gardening buddy Pepe.

The other bean area and its lovely to see the butter beans and blue lake beans germinating at last. I am caring for them so much I have my mobile phone half way down on the pavers.... that way if they need anything they can ring me. wink

If all goes well tomorrow I'll be playing in the root crop areas.

Until next time....hoo roo

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lilymarlene said...

I love weeding my no-dig beds. Even Dock roots slip out of the ground with no tugging...!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes I have to agree with you on this.:) The weeds do come out so easy.

Ali said...

lol about your plants phoning you !!!!

everything looks so healthy ~ I'm glad I don't have trouble with birds eating my produce :)

Lucky-1 said...

Birds can be a real pain on young sweet plants. Cheeky too as I have busted a couple under the bird netting.