Sunday, November 04, 2007

October Stats 07

October was a windy month here in Lucky Land with only 5 days where rain was recorded.

Highest rainfall was 8mm on the last Saturday of the month and the lowest rainfall was on 2 separate days, recording 2 mm both times.

Total rainfall for the month was 23 mm.

Garden was given a good spruce up with the planting of tomatoes, capsicums and transplanting of more spring onions.

Compost bins were either emptied into the vegie patch and new compost started or moved to the tumbler.

More beans were sown, 2 varieties. Which have started to germinate and grow.

Also Banjo returned to us after a 2 week walk-about. Even now I say to her..."Your a Lucky Duck".

Bonnie was broody, but not set as her eggs would have been hatching while we are in Sydney. So she has now gone off the brood.

Chook eggs are up in numbers compared to September's tally.

Laying 57 eggs for October, up from 28 in September. mrgreen

Bantams laid 59 eggs in October, up from 52 in September.

Ducks were down a tad on their eggs.

Laying 50 for the month, where as the month of September was 54.

Well done girls... well done.

So on a whole, a very rewarding month.

Until next time.... hoo roo

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Ali said...

wow, that is a low rain record :(

do you use all of your eggs by cooking/baking or give some away/sell some ??

Lucky-1 said...

I sell a dozen chook eggs a week and the duck eggs I sell as well.

Also I use duck eggs when baking.

All egg money goes back into their food.

Yes the rainfall total is low:(

Ali said...

thanks for that. As I don't do baking I plan to give some excess chooks to my inlaws and then hopefully sell a dozen every fortnight or so.... I've yet to approach one of neighbours about it who I know buys organic eggs....

Lucky-1 said...

Ali, I charge $3.00 for a dozen chook eggs & $5.00 for a dozen duck eggs.

The bantam eggs I don't sell. Also duck eggs are great in sponges or any cake for that matter.