Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Of Trees & Spiders

The other day I asked Pat to trim the conifers on the "Freedom Road" area as each time I walked the path I'd end up with bits & pieces in my hair from the trees. So with the help of Peaches & Mango, he set about trimming the trees up.

One thing that really had me worried was when putting the ducks & bantams to be at night, was brushing up against the trees and having goodness knows what crawl on me. There are a few spiders that I look at each night and the last thing I want is to invite them back inside our house.

When we moved here 8 years ago, these 2 trees were so little that we could walk between them when walking into the front door of the cubby house. Now they are so tall and have joined up, the only thing that can get in there are the little birds that free load around meal time.

I didn't keep the cuttings from the conifers as I have read not to put compost bins under these trees and so I thought, better to be safe and pop the branches into the green waste bin. I feel guilty for having these cut offs leave the property, but I am also remembering how much I put back into the soil through my composting systems. So I don't feel as bad.

The other night when I put the poultry to bed, I found this female huntsman spider on our back door. This lead to photos and great excitement between Pat, Amy and myself on what variety of spider it was.

I said huntsman, but Pat & Amy didn't think so. But after posting this photo and asking on a native forum we found out, yes she's a huntsman and is very fat, due to her being ready to lay her eggs.

Not sure what the spider thought of us looking at her, but one thing I know is.......I hope she was happy with Amy's reaction to her being on the back door. Amy has a phobia on spiders and was very scared of the not so little spider. lol

I don't think it helped while Amy was surfing the net for information on spider, I'd walk past and tickle her neck and say..."spider, spider" mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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