Sunday, November 04, 2007

Running With The Poultry

Every year when I see the "running with the bulls" overseas on the news, I think to myself..... why eek Why go all that way to run with an animal...... I do it twice a day, in my backyard. lol

When that white bucket is in my hand and I'm coming from anywhere, I'm their best friend. This in turn means I am forever watching where I step as I can and often do, step on webbed and chook feet.

As I walk a long "Freedom Road" I drop handfuls of pellets and grains, to thin out the bodies.

Can get crowed in the walkway more so with the conifers sticking out. Think they need another trim.

I love my poultry friends, as I know where I stand with them at all times.

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Ali said...

I love how you call the path "Freedom Road"!!!! How many chooks do you have ??

Lucky-1 said...

I have as follows

1 black hen
5 isa browns
2 silkies
1 light sussex bantam rooster
2 light sussex bantam hens