Monday, November 12, 2007

Shhh! Babies Growing

Summer vegies are well and truly making their mark out in the garden. I noticed last night while out watering by watering can, little babies are starting to form on plants.

First bean for the summer dinner plate. I love beans and this year I have actually increased the crops and have 3 varieties growing. This one in the photo is a bush bean.

Lots of flowers on this plant and the green bush beans are growing in the no-dig garden area. When harvested I just top & tail them and straight into the freezer, no blanching.

So far I have only planted out a punnet of Grosse Lisse tomatoes and 1 Brandywine variety that was given to us by our good gardening buddy Pepe. I am planning on growing another later sowing of another variety before Christmas to stagger the cropping season.

These would be the oldest flowers on the tomato plants so far. I love the smell of the tomato leaves on my fingers.

Promise of more fruit.

Even the capsicums are starting to flower. Love the taste of a sweet capsicum in a salad on a summer's day.

So things are moving along nicely in the garden and I hope to be able to post photos of the bumper harvests.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

I love your post title :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Ali:)

I try to make the post titles interesting.