Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spring Onion Seeds

Doesn't Bundy look happyquestion He's such a happy looking boy in this photo. Maybe he was happy to see his mum out visiting them, as I have been sick. I had a shocking headache and was revisiting previous meals, in the laundry bucket eek

Nothing like sore ribs and tummy muscles after a bug has been keeping one company. Otherwise I am feeling heaps better today.

Spent a few quiet moments outside in the shade this morning, sorting out the first collection of spring onion seeds.

By shifting the seeds around the plate I was able to pick out the bits and pieces from the flower heads. This is where long nails come in handy as I don't pick up the seeds as well and the litter. Out of curiosity I weighed the seeds before packing them away and the weight came to 2 grams.

mrgreen Lot of seeds in 2 grams.

Next on the list is to store them in a dry place and have them labeled correctly. Nothing worse than finding seeds in the seed tin, not labeled and dated.

Some of the really cool things about saving one's own seeds are

  • Not spending money buying new seeds each season.
  • Better for the environment as one isn't driving to shops to buy the seeds.
  • The seeds have developed to the conditions in my backyard. Making them much stronger against diseases.
  • Trading with other seed savers.
Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Bundy is a very handsome fella.
What sort of duck is he?

Lucky-1 said...

Bundy is a cross between a pekin and a mallard.

He has the body shape & size of a pekin and the colouring of a mallard.