Saturday, November 17, 2007

Up Up & Away

Is it a bird? Is it Superman? Nope.... its Lucky & Pat flying to a place maybe near you lol Tomorrow morning at 4 am Pat & I will be up and atom as we're off on our first real holiday in 24 years.

We had done the odd trips away overnight or for a couple of days in a caravan park.... but to be gone for a week or more, it's a long time between drinks.

Yes, we're flying to Sydney for 10 days, staying with Pat's sister and her family. Also Pat's dad moved over to Sydney early this year and we'll be seeing dad for the first time in ages.

Back when Amy was 4 years old, both she and I scored a free plane ride between Whyalla and Adelaide in one of those tiny little planes that seats.... about 12 people. Flight took 40 mins and so to me this is my first REAL plane. mrgreen

We have seats book towards the back of the plane, camera is packed in my handbag for those in the plane and out the window photos.

Rebel trying to hitch a ride, cats have been pretty good about the whole suitcases, bags and needed gear spread all over the lounge room.

Milly checking out the big suitcase now it's packed. Been pretty easy packing gear for the trip.... don't think I have forgotten anything.

Only problem we have is the bathroom scales died on us when trying to weigh the case. Digital scales are years old and time we had a new pair. Was hoping they last out until the case was measured but.... no such luck.

SIL has asked us what we want to see why on holidays and we have given them a list of places we are interested in. I am hoping to be able to post on my blog each day to tell you and show you what we got up too.

Amy will be staying behind as she has to work and will be caring for all my animals. So I won't have to spend time worrying about them.

Both Pat & I are just so looking forward to seeing what Sydney will have to offer to us as well as spending time with family.

So I do hope I will have a chance to post while away and if not.....

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

Come to the mountains!
You will drive past my place and I would love you to drop in.
PM me on BYP.