Saturday, December 29, 2007

Animals & Hot Weather

Going to be a stinker of a day here....again. evil

So this means not only keeping an eye on waters but also for distressed animals from the heat.

Cadbury & Flossy have their 3 ltr milk bottles frozen with water in their hutches. Makes for a more comfortable time as they wait for the cooler evening to come round. Lazying against an ice brick makes for a cooler bunny.

Chooks & ducks have their waters checked often as they will not drink warm water. Must be changed if the water warms up. This water isn't wasted, its emptied onto the lawn.

Ducklings too are kept a close eye on, for heat stress. We lost one of Twinner's dark feathered ducklings over night. I found it this morning caught behind a nest box. cry So she is now down to 4 babies, here's hoping they all grow up to be cute big ducks.

Banjo is still sitting on her eggs and a new duckling is about out of it's shell and this will be number 3 of the clutch. Other 2 eggs are still chipping and peeping away inside. I do hope they survive today's heat as they continue to hatch.

Due to where Banjo decided to go build her nest, there isn't a lot of room for much else besides her body and the nest. I did manage to squeeze the small water bowl Twinner's babies were first using as a pond, in close to Banjo and her ducklings. Just to make sure both Banjo and the babies had water.

But before I did this the 2 little ones came inside for a big pondie and a feed of chick starter. While I was getting the 2 little ones, Pat set up a pond for them. Talk about spoiling them, look at the size dish Pat used....mrgreen Did those 2 ducklings have a ball with all that water.

And of course with babies in water, there must be life guards. Today on duty is Rebel and Milly. Rebel was more gamer to check that the little life jackets were correctly positioned on the ducks, by sniffing them.

I sprinkled some chick starter in the water and once what was floating had been eaten up, it didn't take them long to learn.....if you paddle your feet fast, the food floats to the top. cool

So after a good play, feed and drink, it was back out with mum and with them went a bowl of fresh water.

Anyhow, must be time for me to join the real world and push a broom round the floors in the house and think about other boring house jobs.....

Until Next time....hoo roo

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