Thursday, December 13, 2007

Babies Are Coming.

By this time of the year I have already had a hatching of ducklings. This year its different as Banjo was broody and went missing for the 2 weeks earlier on in Spring and of course this would have turned the need to be a mum off.

Bonnie my silky hen went broody, but the chickens would have hatched out while we were in Sydney. I didn't think it was fair to inflict baby chickens onto the list of jobs for Amy, so no chickens.

Now I have 2 ducks sitting on eggs and will be due out either just before Christmas or just before the New year. mrgreen

Not the most straight of photo, but this is Twinner who has set herself under the hen house while we were in Sydney. At a rough guess I'd say Twinner's eggs should hatch before Christmas Day.

Bundy who is standing behind Twinner is annoying when the ducks are broody. He tends to just be a right pain in the bum and this makes the wanna be mums upset.

I had a peek at the nest when Twinner was feeding and at a rough guess, about 8 eggs under her and from the colour of the eggs, the ducklings will be mallard/pekin crosses.

Twinner is a pure mallard, where as Bundy is a mallard/pekin cross.

Banjo is an old hand at hatching out ducklings and is my main brooder for this job. This time round Banjo has decided to have her nest up inside the chook house. She has about 9 pekin & Indian Runner eggs under her. I set Banjo when we arrived home.

Once again she like Twinner is away from Bundy and his lusting ideas. Now we are home again the chook gate is kept shut and so Bundy doesn't have access to the hen area.

One of my places for selling ducklings has closed up shop and so I'll only have 1 outlet for selling the ducklings. So I am hoping to halve the amount of babies once hatched and then the mums can play happy families with only some of the babies.

As soon as I know when they are hatching I'll let you know.

Until next time....hoo roo

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