Sunday, December 30, 2007

Banjo & Her 5 Babies

Banjo is now the proud mum of 5 little ducklings with mixed colours. I have removed her and the babies from the in closed area of the hen house. Last thing I want is to loose ducklings through the hens attacking them.

So into a bucket went 5 ducklings, into my arms went Banjo and down the front of my clothes and legs went Banjo's bowel movement as she wasn't a happy mum at all.

First run round in the big wide world. At one stage all 9 ducklings were in the pond....I missed that as I was in the shower.

Sheltering from the sun, but near mum.

This little one decided to follow Aunty Twinner and it's cousins.

So there you have it..... all hatching is finished, 9 little ducklings to trip me up when I visit or feed them.

Now maybe I can get back to other things besides babies out the back ...... naaa lol

Until next time....hoo roo

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