Sunday, December 02, 2007

Day 4 In Sydney

After the usual morning rituals, the day was going to be spent with Pa on his own as Fiona has other commitments at the school her daughters go to. It was decided Pa would show us Circular Quay (pronounced Key).

Just after 9 am we waited for a bus outside of Fiona's house and once on the bus we found out, the bus didn't go to the wharf to catch our ferry. We were going to get off and wait for a bus that did go to the wharf, but the bus driver said not to worry. He very kindly took us directly to the wharf, once he found out we were from interstate. See helps to have a camera round one's neck and tell the bus driver we didn't know where we were going. After a few instructions... he left us and took off to do his actual bus route. Many thanks to this kind bus drive.

Pa knew where to go and such, just the bus we caught was an earlier bus route and just didn't do the wharf. We had about a 5 min wait if that before the Parramatta River Cat turned up.

I noticed all the ferry boats that I saw are named after sporting people and the ferry we caught was called Evonne Goolagong. Even though it was over cast and the odd mist was falling, I still sat outside at the front of the boat. Couldn't sit inside with Pat & Pa as I might miss something exciting.

Sitting outside was just so rewarding, I could hear the traffic going over bridges we went under them. Light misty spray on my face as the showers came and went. The ferry made 13 stops on the way into the city and I even managed to find a ferry time table with a map of the stops along the river as a souvenir of the ride.

My first sighting of the bridge from the water and it was just so thrilling to see her again. I was well and truly taken with the bridge and couldn't wait to see it again.

I was snapping away as we came closer to the bridge and city. When one of the crewmen came up and asked if I'd like my photo taken with the bridge and Opera House in the background.

How about this? It was windy, no mist though and I couldn't care less. I was having my photo taken with my new secret love in the background.

Pretty snazzy huh??? One with a ferry thrown in for good measure. Many thanks to the kind crew member who took these photos. Second kind person doing their job and at the same time making a member of the public, ever so happy with their doings of kindness.

Once at Circular Quay Pa started to show us around the place. Lots of bridge & house photos with us in the background were taken. Picked up an aboriginal bracelet from one shop, for Amy as she was home caring for my animals. Also it came from Circular Quay and I so wanted to have that little thank you gift for Amy ...that little bit extra special.

Eating along the harbour is pretty dear and for 3 pensioners... MacDonald's across Alfred Street was more up our alley. So that is where we ate lunch when we were hungry.

Check out the bag...gee was I on holidays or what? There she is ...that bridge again..... loves to be in the photos doesn't it.?

Opera House was pretty cool too, not as flashy as the bridge though. After all the photos of Pat, Pa & myself in front of the Opera house were taken, a young Japanese couple offered to take our photo standing in front of the Opera House together.

So we did the same for them and found out they were married in Tokyo on the Saturday and had flown to Australia for their honeymoon. Young bride was so proud to introduce us to her husband..... sweet. Boy they sure made my camera look like a boxed brownie.

Pa wanted us to see the Botanical Gardens while in there. But as Pa is 85 years young and Pat was concerned about walking Pa too much, we opted for a train ride around the gardens.

So after walking past all the worker preparing for "Australian Idol" we found the train area and tickets were bought and after a short wait the train was ready to chug off. Due to the inclement weather, we managed to catch the last train that was going round the gardens for a 30 minute trip. Pensioners are the same price as children.

Skyline behind the gardens, just so pretty and I was just so thrilled to be able to see this stunning garden as I have seen so much of it on Gardening Australia. There were 4 stops we could have gotten off at, but being the last train for the day.... too far for us to walk with Pa. So I snapped photos as we chugged along the paths. Was just tickled pink when I saw a couple of trees with fruit bats hanging from them.

The Sydney Botanical Gardens are just so stunning and next trip back to Sydney I would love to have a day in at the gardens.

To be able to walk amongst the plants and take a closer look at what the gardens has to offer.

Using the word stunning, doesn't seem to do the gardens justice in my books.

The little train we traveled on around the gardens. They do have a stool for helping folks on and off the trains. Pa was very independent and was out of the train before the stool got to him.

By now it was time to head home, Pa was tired and Pa was starting to run out of breath. Going from my posts, I think you have an idea on how I was going. Still running on hypo and snapping my poor tired camera around the city areas.

The area where all the ferries come in and drop people off. It's like a floating train station and I said this to Pat when we arrived.

On the way home I sat inside the same ferry that brought us to the city, not that I was tired, just wanted to experience the ferry ride from the inside this time round.

Back at the Sydney Olympic Park wharf, we waited about 15 mins for a bus to go back to Fiona & Iain's home.

Bus came and this bus driver was happy to point out the Olympic Park attractions as we drove past them, around them and near them...that's where we won the swimming meddles and that's where we won such and such meddle. What a way to top off a FAB TAB day out with Pa & Pat, talk about a very special day for us.

Many thanks to the kind bus drivers and ferry workers who made our day so special and not at all stressful. mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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Lucy C said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time.
You are wonderfully an enthusiastic visitor and your photos are fabulous.
Next time you must come to the Mountinas.
We have a botanic gardens up here too, Mt Tomah.
No Harbour bridge or Opera House but you are welcome to have your photo taken in front of my 'world famous' frog pond and waterfall.

Lucky-1 said...

Oh Lucy how could I not be enthusiastic with a city that has so much to offer.:)

Love to have my picture take in front of your "world famous" frog pond & waterfall.