Saturday, December 15, 2007

Front yard Tidyup

Couple of years ago we moved the friendship garden from next to the drive way to the other side of the path leading up to the house. Amy parks her car in this area and one of the "on the list" items was to finish off the area and make it look nicer on the eye.

Today was the day for making the front yard a bit more loved looking. After picking up my brother's trailer for the day, Pat set about leveling up the area and removing weeds that had died off.

Amy's car tyres had compacted the area down and when it does rain, pools of water sit for a day or so. While Pat leveled this area out, he used a dust mask due to his asthma. Taking his time and a few breaks to get his breath back, it was finished just after lunch.

While this was happening I was cleaning inside our house.

We bought 3/4 tonne of crusher dust for the area and this cost us just under $20.00 .

Looks different now and much nicer.

While Pat shoveled the crusher dust out, I raked and leveled it all. I was glad to be able to help Pat in some way with the area. We needed to wet the area down once it was raked and leveled out, I did this while Pat got the trailer ready to go back to my brother.

Different angle of the area we worked on. Pat & I agreed it'll need a second trailer load, just to finish it off. This will be done just before winter next year, giving this time to compact down.

Yes much nicer mrgreen

Until next time....hoo roo

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