Monday, December 03, 2007

Harvesting Garlic

One of the last gardening jobs before leaving on our holiday was harvesting the garlic. I was hoping to be able to leave this job until we got back. But with the heat due in for almost a week, I thought I'd pick it instead of leaving the plants unprotected in the sun.

Digging out the garlic turned into a challenge as the soil was hard to break as I had stopped watering the garlic as it was drying out.

Gives you an idea of what the garlic looks like now, the larger haul came to over 2 kilo in weight. The smaller cloves were from some shop bought cloves I had in the kitchen at planting time. The larger cloves are from my own harvest the previous year.

Hanging up to finish off drying out before being stored. One thing I learnt in the last 2 growing seasons is that garlic doesn't grow well in a no-dig garden. The differance between last years harvest and this years is amazing. So from now on, no growing garlic in my no-dig garden.

I have started to catch up in the vegie garden now too. Couple of the hens had a ball while on their own through the day and completely dug out all the butter beans & blue lake beans. So these will be resown with more seeds today.

Going to be only about 23 degrees here today, so makes for a wonderful day out in the garden.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

that's a great harvest of garlic :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Ali:D
I had a boo-peep at one of the cloves,still a tad bit moist at the stem area. The cloves are a big size and smell just amazing:)

Ali said...

there's nothing better than the smell of fresh garlic ~ we use garlic just about everyday when cooking. Do you addd it into your chooks water ???

Lucky-1 said...

Not so much the water Ali, I make a mash and add crushed garlic to the wet mash.