Saturday, December 08, 2007

Harvesting Spuds

Update on the last posting, no rain was recorded for my area. Only the smell of smoke from fires in the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island.

I decided in the cool of the morning to harvest the spuds that I had growing down the back. This area of the garden hasn't been a great producer of crops of any kind. But over the years I have tried to get different varieties of foods to grow here.

The best crop I have had grow here has been carrots.

All harvested and the amount of spuds is disappointing to say the least. Though I did get more spuds than what I sowed. Small ones will be used for spud salads as I am the only one who eat this, I am happy to use those tiny ones.

Medium side will be cooked with jackets on and the larger ones used for mashing.

I talked to Pat about this area and he agreed with me to return the area to the ducks and bantams.

Making full use of the slugs, slaters and earth worms in the area for a early morning breakfast feast.

The lemon tree is doing wonderful down there and so we are going to plant a mandarin tree in this area. That way the area is still producing and at the same time shelter for the poultry.

Looking at the area from the vegie side. As you can see the apricot tree has now died as well. This has all come about after the council last year had been clearing out the park and with in days the plum tree started to die. The apricot tree wasn't affected as badly, but it has still died off. We suspect the trees had been sprayed with wind spray from the councils poison spraying they may have been doing on the day they cleaned up the park.

We shall never know.

Plans for new fruit trees are under way and we hope to have new trees in next winter.

Until next time....hoo roo

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