Monday, December 31, 2007

Last Post For 2007

As this is my last post for 2007 I am so pleased to announce...... I have green tomatoes at last on my Grosse Lisse tomato plants....mrgreen

Not sure how many there are yet.....don't want to scare them off the branches.

This gives you an idea of their sizes as of this evening. This is the first year we aren't eating them at this time of the year. mad So I am thinking as many will be later on pulling up their plants, we will be eating ours.

December Stats

Boy its been hot and today was no picnic..... with babies out the back to keep an eye on and adult poultry, I have a heat headache from going in and out through the day.

Chooks have been busy laying and this included in the heat from the last few days.

  • Chooks laid 52 for the month, up from 41 in November.
  • Bantams laid 59 for the month, up from 47 in November.
  • Ducks laid 60 eggs, down from 77 in November.

All up my poultry laid 1750 eggs down from 2006's tally of 2199 eggs. Mind you I don't have as many chooks as I had in 2006.

  • Chooks laid 813 eggs for the year.
  • Bantams laid 455 eggs for the year.
  • Ducks laid 482 eggs as well.
December also saw 2 sets of ducklings hatch out. Twinner hatched 6 ducklings, though 2 have died. Banjo hatched out 5 a few days later. So I am happy spending my time drooling over the little balls of fluff as they paddle their days away.

I am refusing to discuss the weather this evening, why should I tell you its so hot outside and that it reached 42.7 at 3.11 pm today and the lowest temp was 27.5 at 1.07 am this morning. Also I refuse to tell you we slept under the a/c in the rumpus room last night and will be doing it again tonight. rolleyes

But what I can tell you is we had 25.5 mm of rain spread over 3 days in December. Ranging from a lowest recording of 2 mm to a high of 17.5 in 1 day.

So that is about it from me this year..... so ...yep almost had it correct ..

Until the new year....hoo roo lol

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