Saturday, December 01, 2007

November Stats for 07

Well another month has been and gone and today is the first day of summer. cry But on the bright side it's 6 months to winter mrgreen.

November was an interesting month as it was the second hottest November on record. Not sure if Mother Nature was suffering from hot flushes, but it sure was hot at my place. Each night I look at those sunny looking sun icons stuck next to the temps for the following day on our weather reports and just melt that bit more.

On the plus side for November... we

  • Went to Sydney for a 11 day holiday
  • Had Banjo and Twinner go broody while away...Banjo has 8 eggs (I gave her these) and Twinner has stashed 9 under the hen house. Thankfully I could move the straw while Twinner was off eating to take an egg count.
  • Oprah is broody but I am not setting her, boy is she nasty if I go near her. Nasty chooks don't become mums in my hen house. Also she is sitting up too high for little chicks to hatch and not fall out and die.
Egg Quoter for the month are as follows.

Ducks laid 88 eggs and this count doesn't include Twinner's clutch. Well up on Oct's 50 eggs.
Chooks laid 41 eggs and this was down on Oct's 51 eggs.
Bantams laid 47 eggs down on the 59 laid in October.

While away, Amy was collecting and dating the eggs for me. So I have just added those eggs to my charts. Chook and bantam eggs may not be 100% correct, as Amy loves my eggs and may have eaten some while we were away.

Rain for November consisted of 18.5 mm and that was recorded in the first 2 days of the month.

Collected spring onion seeds from my own garden, while the carrots had started to flower.

So been a busy month and December is looking to be even busier as I prepare areas for summer sowings.

Until next time....hoo roo

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