Thursday, December 27, 2007

Saving Seeds

On Christmas Day while sitting out the back I was harvesting seeds from the flower heads of the chives and carrots. What a relaxing job this turned out to be. Sitting with the family and just sorting out the seeds from the litter that came off the flower heads.

Not a lot of chive seeds, but enough to start a couple of new clumps when I want. Usually I just lift and divide the clumps of chives and this seems to get the plants all excited and reshooting.

I think more of the seeds wound up in the soil than in the dish I was using to dry the seeds out.

I weighed the seeds on my digital scales, but it didn't register a weight reading.

Now the carrots are a different matter, there is 16 gm of seed from 4 flower heads. This harvest of seeds doesn't include the seeds I am drying here. Those seeds are still to be sorted out. I had picked 4 other flower heads off the carrot plants and then removed the carrots from the garden.

I had asked on a forum about how many carrots should I let go to seed and was told 2 would be enough. I can see why lol

So I am hoping now that I won't be needing to buy my carrot seeds every couple of sowings. If this is successful...... I am even more self sufficient in my backyard.

To be able to see a seed produce a vegetable the size of a carrot and then to either feed a family from the crop or to collect more seeds for future very humbling to me.

Until next time....hoo roo

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ButterflyGirl said...

A few years ago I let my patch of carrots go to seed, I was so amazed by how many seeds came off one flower, I ended up with carrots growing in the lawn (oops), Parsley is another that has similar seeds, and I had that coming up everywhere too, even in cracks in the cement. That reminds me I should put some in the garden, seems to grow with very little water.

Lucky-1 said...

I bet I end up with parsley seeds everywhere in the garden too. My plants have gone to seed and there are so many flowers.:)