Sunday, December 30, 2007

Thoughts Towards 2008

Now that Christmas is over with for another year and the ducklings have all hatched, my thoughts are turning towards next year. Not so much whether we'll be out raging on New Years Eve, but more so what I would like to achieve through out 2008.

My main thoughts when I think of 2008 is towards my garden and what I'd like to change or start growing.

We have had a bad time fruit tree wise in the last 2 years and for this reason the espalier area needs to be started this coming winter.

Spring 2006 we lost our plum tree only weeks after the local council had been cleaning up in the park behind us. A few days after they had finished our plum tree started dying and within weeks we had lost it. The apricot tree also had the outside limbs near the side facing the park affected as well. Then spring of this year the apricot tree died as well.

So with the fruit trees now gone we need to think about what we are going to grow in the duck run. Pat & I have talked about this and have come to an agreement that an orange tree and a mandarin tree would be nice for the duck run. These will need to be fenced off until the trees are big enough to cope with ducks sheltering under them.

The espalier area is ready for stone fruit to be planted and is being used at the moment to grow beans. Pat has put a request for a new plum tree and I want a white flesh nectarine. So in the new year we'll be starting our mini orchard.

So between now as in this minute and sometime next year I need to cut down the apricot tree. Plus dig out those roots and the plum tree roots....still. Think I had better sharpen my secateurs and pruning saw, plus get the shovel ready as well. Gee love to have a shredder to shred the apricot tree..... then I could use the mulch out the front in my Friendship Garden. idea Need to think about that thought.

Two new citrus trees and 2 new stone fruit trees I think is a good amount to aim for in 2008. mrgreen

In the vegie garden I'd love to learn more about moon planting. I started this early in March of this year with some FAB TAB results. Towards Christmas I fell of the wagon with a trip to Sydney and then Pat who suffers badly from work related Occupational Asthma and has lost 44% of his lungs through this , wound up with bronchitis leading up to Christmas. So with the threat of being admitted to hospital on Christmas Day hanging over our heads, gardening has taken a backward step.

Pat thankfully wasn't admitted and is very slowly recovering to the best his lungs will allow him.

Vegie wise, I have this dream of making my garden produce as much as possible in the small area. Hence I love to grow things on trellises and against fences.

I have 8 capsicum plants out the back and I'd love to roast and bottle my own capsicums this season. If my tomatoes ever get a wriggle on and set fruit, I'd love to try my hand at making tomato sauce.

Seed saving has branched out into more varieties and I get excited to think I am saving money by saving my own seeds.

So now that it's quietening down here, I'm ready to face a new year with fresh ideas on what I want to grow.

Now you know what is whirling around in my head at night, as I lay there tired and excited about the up coming year.

Bring it on....................

Until next time.... hoo roo

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The Duck Herder said...

Oh Lucky - I didn't know about the fruit trees - how terrible for you. Do you think their little roots had reached beyond the fence and were zapped by whatever was used to "clean up" there?

That is not good. No good at all.

I once had the council go along the back of my fence spraying round up on everything, including my HUGE pumpkin vine that was full of almost ripe pumpkins on both sides of the fence - I was too scared to eat any of them.

But to lose TREES - that is terible.

Good luck with the new plantings - I like the idea of an orange and lemon. Would you go a washington navel?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

I've just posted my tomato sauce recipe on my blog, if you are inclined, try it, this is a sauce to die for!


Lucky-1 said...

Happy New Year Duckie:)

We are more so thinking it was wind drift and the poison hit the leaves of the trees. The apricot tree is more in the middle of the yard, where the plum tree was against the park fence.

We even thought maybe the soil at the roots had become salty.... but the native Frangapanni tree has survived, though it too struggled for months.

All limbs on both fruit trees affected were closest to the park fence.

Haven't thought what variety of orange tree to go for yet. I do have a juicer and hope to put this to good use.

Lucky-1 said...

Thank Molly:D