Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Beans & Mulch

With the high temps we have had over the last week, my bush beans have suffered from the heat. On top of this they weren't too flash after a holiday and then having Pat sick, things just got neglected and suffered.

Even though the plants were mulched, some plants had died off with the 40 plus temperatures. Birds stealing bits of straw for nests and the breaking down of the straw over time, left the roots without a lot of protection from sun & heat.

Closer look shows off the beans either a light green or boarder line yellow on the way to being dead. Also what green beans there were, tended to be on the tough side.

So with Pat feeling better I was able to find time to water the beans with the watering can and get some water into the soil and moisture back into the plants.

So last night once the sun was at least off the garden area, I set about removing the dead plants, almost dead beans and tidied up the area. After days of high temps, it was just nice to get outside away from the air conditioner and potter round in the garden.

Looks 100% better in my books, with fresh straw put down thickly as mulch. Those bare areas will be replaced with new bush bean seeds on the 11th of this month in line with moon phases. Pat tried a baby bean last night and said the improvement of the bean with the extra watering has made the beans more tender.

Also by tiding up the plants I am hoping they will start to flower more. As to keep the bushes cropping, I need to pick beans. So with any luck the plants aren't a loss and will be cropping again with in weeks. Lots of baby beans on the bushes, so hopefully these will take off with the attention they are now receiving.

The soon the be espalier area being used for climbing Blue Lake beans and butter beans was also mulched more. This is the second sowing of seeds, as Peaches my chook found the area while we were in Sydney. So what should be a really good area, is looking a bit on the sparse side. As with the second sowing, Peaches found the area again. evil

So due to untrust worthy chooks hopping the fence...... they are banished to their chook run while bean season is on.

Also when the bush beans are sown on the 11th, I'll fill in areas here as well.

After the holiday, Pat's health scare and Christmas I am ready to get back into the swing of sowing and planting by the moon. Already I have listed on my white board what I am aiming for this month.

I am hoping for a good crop of beans, I am keeping the faith that we will be successful with our bean harvest.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Kirsty said...

So due to untrust worthy chooks hopping the fence...... I'm glad I'm not the only one with unruly poultry hehehe. Does the moon planting work? I havent tried it.

Lucky-1 said...

Give a chook an inch and they'll take a garden patch

Yes moon planting is worth following... I found I had better crops and harvests.

Planning on writing more about my moon planting cycles this year.