Sunday, January 06, 2008

Birds & Beans

Yep the birds are at it again........

Give them damp soil and some mulch and they are anyones. This is the result of a bird raid on the Blue Lake and Butter beans, or what left of it after a chook raid, a few weeks back.

To show you what the birds are doing I needed to use my shadow. Might not be as hot, but it still sunny as outside.

As I don't want to loose these beans, with birds digging around the roots of the plants, drastic measures are needed to save the beans.

Bird netting mrgreen That'll fix their wagons.

Polly pipe is used once again to keep the bird netting off the plants and their area. I have used some bamboo stakes to keep the poly pipe from leaning over onto the garden or the lawn area.

Then the 2 pieces of bird netting I have, are draped over the trellises and secured in place.

Back view of the area that was netted.

Bird are lovely animals and I do love them in the garden. They eat bugs and clean up the poultry feathers. Just that at times they tend to think they can cross that line in my garden and do a bit extra.

Now this area is sorted out, I will be happy to add more seeds to the soil Friday. In line with the moon phases.

Also been busy finishing off my carrot saving venture and started a lettuce seed saving project. But that story is for another day. cool

Until next time....hoo roo

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Scarecrow said...

Good luck keeping those pesky birds away. I do the same with old net curtains, I find I get tangled up in bird netting...argh! lol

All the best for 2008 Lucky!

Libbys Blog said...

Its a while since I've been over and so much has been going on, lovely baby duckys how sweet, and fascinating info too, I had no idea poltry wouldn't drink warm water. Will have to do something to sort that out for my chucks, tahnk you so much!

Lucky-1 said...

Scarecrow, with the bird netting I was all tangled the first time I used

So far the netting is working, no messy mulch.:D

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Libby:) Yes its been very busy here on Lucky's Duck Farm. Now I have set Bonnie with eggs as well.