Monday, January 28, 2008

Bonnie's Eggs Pipping

Today is the day folks mrgreen At some stage today, this evening or overnight, Bonnie is going to be a mum again.

Bonnie was off her nest when I was down there feeding the gang this morning and so I checked her eggs. I found 4 of the pure Light Sussex eggs pipping out of 5 I set under her. As well as the 2 Isa Brown X Light Sussex bantam eggs both pipping.

Pat went and got Amy so she could hear the little chick in the egg cheeping and tapping on the egg. This is the first time Amy has been home to experience this miracle in the happening stage. Amy said it was different and it did bring a smile to her face as she listened to the chick.

Little Sussex egg pipping away in my hand.

Isa Brown X Sussex cross, wonder what colour the chick will be? eek Shoot hope I'll be able to tell them apart later on. Didn't think of this when I set the eggs under Bonnie. confused

Labour ward in action. lol Thats Clyde giving Bonnie moral support.

So its all happening here on Lucky's Duck Farm. New babies hatching and the garden not looking so flash.

But I'll leave that story for another day cry

Until next time....hoo roo

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1 comment:

Lucy C said...

Oh I love the pipping.
It is like magic.