Friday, January 04, 2008

Making Ready For Cucumbers & Zucchinis

Now that the choices of plants to grow have been made, its time to ready those areas. So last night just after 7 pm I set about starting the apple cucumber & zucchini area.

Area I have chosen for the zucchini & cucumbers is near the raspberries and Pat's shed. As you can see I have already a green cucumber plant growing and producing, plus 3 clumps of chives.

So after pulling up the last of the spring onions, chard and what weeds were there, I then had to turn the soil and break up the clay.

Soil looks awful and to turn the stuff was even worse. I haven't been putting water into this area as nothing is growing there. So the clay soil had hardened and to break that bit up..... I had to stand my full body weight on the garden fork to get the prongs to even break the soil. This job was going to take awhile and with it some very hot and hard playing to get it sorted out.

Pat came out to see how it was going and saw me struggling to break the clay soil up. I had refused to knock on the back door and ask for help.

Making what was a hard job fairly easy, Pat turned the area over and broke up a lot of those clay clumps into either dirt or smaller chunks.

Afterwards I emptied a bag of sheep manure into the area and the compost tumbler and this was then turned in. With all the manure and compost turned into the soil it will not only help to break up the clay soil, feed the soil and in turn feed the zucchini & cucumbers.

Last 2 jobs were, watering it all in and getting the soil nice and wet. Then straw was spread over the area to help keep the ground moist and stop the sun burning the soil.

So while I wait for the 16th of this month to roll round for planting, this area is already starting to break down and feed all those goodies into the soil.

Now it's all done I was inside for a cold drink of water and a much needed shower. Leaving the ducks standing at the people fence gate, wondering why they weren't allowed to come and help turn the dirt as well.

Until next time....hoo roo

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