Saturday, January 05, 2008

Nanna's Brag Album

Figured it was time for some more baby snaps, to show you how much the grandkids had grown and also changed.

Having 9 ducklings out the back is still a joy to be having, feeding and watering. They seem to be coping well with the hot weather and with another 41 degrees forecast today..... means lots of trips outside to check on them again.

Nothing beats a fresh little pondie after a warm night. As soon as I walk away Twinner and her kids are over in the water having a paddle and fresh drink of water.

As water is what they head for first, I have their chick starter crumble close to the water. That way they don't have far to walk to rinse the food down their throats. Also I know then they are eating well. I like to watch them at meal times to see who is or isn't eating and I find its a good time to learn how their development is going.

Happy faces makes for a happy Nanna. Love this photo as they were all eating in union and not shoving one and other out of the way.

Ducklings tend to stay fluffy longer than chickens, these 4 were born just before Christmas.

Banjo's little clutch were born just after Christmas and all are going strong. Heaps smaller than Twiners brood.

These still cling to Banjo and she is a good mum and lets me pick them up to say "hello" Mind you Twinner comes flying round the corner to have a go at me, thinking I am stealing ducklings.

We have removed part of the gate to encourage them to run together. At times this is working and other times not. But there is plenty of room to share.

Love watching them when new water has been put down. The dirty water isn't wasted at all, its used to water my raspberry canes.

Banjo is just so gentle with her babies. Stretching over them here, she reminds me of one of those long neck dinosaurs.

While on baby news, Bonnie is happy in the duck shed, sitting on a plastic egg. mrgreen This is wonderful news as I have been waiting for her to go broody again. If you remember she was broody just before we went to Sydney in Nov. Chickens would have hatched out while away and I didn't think this was fair on Amy with work and animals.

So I am going to set her with some pure "light Sussex bantam" eggs and a couple of Isa Brown crossed with Light Sussex bantam. I will keep a pure Sussex hen as it will be my first hatching of this breed from my own stock. Also any crosses that are hens I'll keep them as well.

Roosters will be sold, as I haven't the heart to kill them. Though if Pat will do it, I'll dress and casserole them. I was bought up eating chooks, but I used to walk up the hills behind the homestead, when it was time to kill them. With food prices sky rocketing, it seems silly to sell these roosters for a couple of dollars and then go and buy a chook the same day and pay up to $10.00 for a roasting chook.

Crikey I have gone from cute little duckling photos to cooking un-hatched chickens....eek We'll talk more about this subject when we arrive at that point.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Ali said...

the ducklings are adorable :)

Lucy C said...

I love the baby photos.
I've got babies too.
I wish I had the guts to kill roosters.
Hubby wont do it either.
So I am stuck with store bought.