Thursday, January 03, 2008

Planting By Moon Cycles

Today was a pleasant 20 degrees outside this morning and so what a wonderful way to do some planning on future sowing of seeds/seedlings for Jan. Outside listening to the animals and feeling a cooler breeze on one's face, was such a tonic after those hot days.

I use a white board to record the months sowing and any notes needed to be added. That way it can be wiped clean and the following months list written up.

February last year I decided to take the plunge and follow the moon cycle planting guide. I had no idea where to start and so I searched out and found a book shop in the city that sold a moon planting cycle poster. This poster was stuck on the sliding kitchen door for easy a access to it.

It took a while for me to read and follow it and a few cups of tea later I had more of a grasp of what I was to do. As I learnt about when to plant out seeds or seedlings, I found I wanted to understand what I was doing. So this lead me to Cosmic and her blog.

Now as I enter my second year in moon phase planting I am hoping in 12 months time to understand more of what I am doing and how the plants/seeds respond to the moon.

What I can tell you so far I have found as follows

  • seeds germinate quicker
  • seedlings are stronger
  • harvest is higher in quality
  • plants are stronger as they crop
Another side of using the moon to help you garden is, you are more organized. mrgreen This I find is valuable when planning out crops and finding time for preparing and planting out each area.

Having a time frame for getting plots ready and seeds either into the soil or seedling trays helps to have a crop started and in time for a harvest.

This summer most of the summer crop will be harvested in the later months. As we have hot weather into late March early April, I am happy to start my seeds off with a moon cycle, rather than to pick a day and madly plant out and then sit back and wonder if the seeds will succeed.

So while I wait for the nominated days to roll round, I'll be preparing the areas with what each variety of plant will need. This means all that yummy compost I make from the animal's manure, kitchen waste, garden waste and animal bedding will be put to good use. As will the sheep manure my sister and her hubby bring down for me a couple of times a year.

Then I can sit back and wait for what I aim to be a FAB TAB of a harvest and if the weather is kind to me.....a bumper harvest.

Until next time....hoo roo

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