Thursday, January 03, 2008

Rabbits In The Heat.

With all the hot weather we have had and will be getting over the next few months, Pat & I like to make sure our 2 rabbits are as comfy in the heats as possible.

We have an old fridge we run in the summer months in the shed. This holds greens for the animals and also freezes 3 litre milk bottles for the bunnies.

These bottles can also be used for guinea pigs and also in poultry water dishes, to keep their drinking water at a cooler temp. Poultry won't drink water that is their body temperature or higher.

Cadbury's cage is a bit more open that Flossy's and so for this reason, Cadbury gets the biggest frozen bottle if there is 2 sizes on offer.

Flossy's hutch has a private sleeping area and so she finds her room stays cooler than Cadbury's.

Both rabbits just while away the hot day laying next too or as I have spotted and photographed Cadbury hugging her ice bottle and sleeping nice and cool.

I can cope better in the heat, knowing the animals are more comfortable.

Until next time....hoo roo

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