Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost Finished.

Well our backyard blitz is almost finished and its looking so FAB TAB. Can't get over the backyard on how tidy it is now. I took before and after photos so we could see what had changed, as in today's hard playing.

The lawn gave off a small amount of green cuttings mixed with dry cuttings. Not the usual amount, with the lawn only getting the odd bit of water from when the duck pond is emptied or any recycled water put onto it.

Before photo looking from the back door to the vegie patch. Mostly all that needed doing here was the table sorted out and moved back under the veranda.

All finished. The blasted whipper sniper fuel cap decided to crack, so not all the edges were done. I'll have a go at this later in the week with sissors or pruning shears. Lawn looks a bit browner after the mowing.

Where are the raspberry canes?

Oh there they are lol Can really tell the differance in this photo. Garden looks much better now.

While Pat was either using of trying to fix the whipper snipper I was collecting other forms of additives for the compost bin.

  • Rabbit hutch bedding
  • That wheel barrow full of other composting stuff I had collected or added to over the last couple of weeks.
  • Rakings from "Freedom Road" as the ducklings have made themselves at home in this area.
  • Anything out of date or turned yucky from the crisper (mostly Amy's left overs from the last week or so..... she loves to take salads to work.)
  • Chook bedding.
Once the lawns were finished I mixed all the compost ingredients and filled my black compost bin. I'll start turning it weekly, to keep the air up to it and keep the micro organisms breaking down all that lovely compost and turning what is left overs from the kitchen or waste from the garden into lovely food for the garden.

Gardening can't get much better that that in my books mrgreen I am so proud of the amount of recycled and composting garden/kitchen waste I have saved from going to land fill.

On that note I have a date with a few fresh prawns as a reward for working so hard the last couple of days.

Until next time....hoo roo

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Anonymous said...

You are doing a brilliant job, it's looking great Lucky!

You earmed the prawns, which reminds me, I have a seafood sauce for prawns etc that's to die for, give me a yell if you want the recipe, I will post on my blog

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Molly:D

Oh yes please...pop your recipe up on your blog:) Thanks.