Thursday, February 07, 2008

Babies First day Out.

Twinner was put back over with the big ducks and Bonnie & her 4 babies are now able to wander in the "Freedom Road" area.

So today is the first day out for the babies and are they enjoying it.

Little bit of misty rain earlier hasn't dampened their joy of running and having their first dust baths.

I was wondering about being able to tell the pure Sussex from the bantam crosses. Not a problen as the cross chickens are almost twice the size.

Doing what a chicken loves to do, scratch round in lawn clippings and gobble up what tasty tid bits they find.

Oprah and 1 of the Sussex bantams are broody and so thinking of setting one of them, now that Bonnie is out of the nursery area..... stay tuned mrgreen

Until next time.... hoo roo

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