Sunday, February 03, 2008

Colour My Ducks

Funny how when ducklings are first born and the colours are mixed, how we can picture them as adult ducks. This one will be black or this one will be white and this one will be brown.

How wrong can we get their colours, once they are adults. I swear I thought I was going to have a couple of jet back ducks when they were first born.

Not so. lol

Eight of the baby ducklings that are now as big as Twinner, who is in the foreground. Twinner quacked and quacked and quacked, when we separated them from her and Banjo. She just wouldn't shut up! So I gave in and bunged her back in with the 9 babies and she has toned herself right down. Thank goodness!

When I fed them this morning I took my camera out to get some new "baby shots" to show you some of their adult colourings they are developing. Not a black duck in sight.

Pat has taken a shine to the duckling on the right. Just the colouring has taken Pat's fancy and I must say it's unusual.

The 2 white ducklings are so cute, this one has coloured feathers in it's tail and going from the light dusty colour on his/her back.........a touch of fawn as well.

This is my favourite duckling. I just love the colouring of his/her feathers

Look at the size of the ducklings, they are bigger than Twinner now rolleyes. When they run together at meal time, Twinner is sometimes bowled over by the babies. She so needs to learn to step side ways and quickly too lol

I am ready to sell these little guys & gals and I have already been contacted by a person who wants ducks. So this person will have first pick and then the rest will be sold at the poultry market later this month.

Doesn't take long for the ducklings to grow, remembering these were born just before and just after Christmas Day.

Until next time....hoo roo

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